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Session/Game: Marches 3e  #8                                                    Date: 11/19/00


Campaign Date: Odec 1st— 26th  Imperial Year 468



Whitefire, human, rogue-1/ wizard-3, CN, Chuck Fleurie

Ragnar, human rogue-5, CG, Shaun Sipple

Kronin, dwarf, fighter-5, LN, Dave Hanley

Rannos, human, fighter-4, CG, Bob LaForge

Ostler, human cleric-2, LN, Joe Fryer

Garl, half-orc, barbarian-2, CN, Chuck Tillinghast

Einar, Meenar, and Mynar, human, warrior-3, N, hirelings



Odec 1st-Odec 7th

            Party Spends 1 week resting, recuperating and buying equipment.


Odec 8th

            Ragnar, Rannos, Kronin, Ostler and Garl decided to clean out the basement caves of their home, Fort Blacksword, once and for all.  They descended into the caves and fought several giant soldier and worker ants, discovering the queen and slaying her too.  Garl, however, was torn up pretty badly in the fight, so they returned to the fort for rest.


Odec 9th—10th

            The party rests at the Fort.


Odec 11th

            The same group returns to the caves and wipes out the last batch of worker-ants, destroying the eggs as well.  They then find a nest of stirges in the final chamber of the cave complex.  Despite several members losing a lot of blood (Kronin and Rannos especially), the stirges were wiped out and the caves finally free and clear.


Odec 12th-13th

            Everyone rests at the fort.


Odec 14th

            Whitefire, Ragnar, Rannos, Kronin, Ostler and Garl decide that they will return to the ruins in the wasteland and attack the Chapel Perilous.  Bayne is asked to guard the fort in their absence.  While the rest decide to ride to Baltburg to hire some mercenaries and buy some equipment, Whitefire says he needs some time to make mystical preparations and will meet them in Ludwig in a few days.  The rest ride to Baltburg.


Odec 15th

            In Baltburg, Ragnar buys an ever-flaming torch from Blorgo’s house of wonders, but passes on the mystic powder and the ever-flaming Robin Hood hat.  Garl buys a set of spiked gauntlets from the smiths.  Rannos hires three Stahling mercenaries:  the brothers Mynar and Meenar, and their cousin Einar, paying top dollar since they are experienced and have horses.


Odec 16th

            The party rides to Ludwig and meets up with Whitefire.  On the way they are stopped by the retinue of Sir Brustios of Ulm, a high-elven knight-errant, who will not yield the road without a joust.  Rannos agrees to a “joust of honor” and after neither he nor the elf are unseated after 3 passes, they part amicably.


Odec 17th

            The group (Ragnar, Rannos, Kronin, Ostler, Whitefire, Garl, Einar, Mynar and Meenar) dashes across the waste to the ruins.  Once there they assault the brigand fort once occupied by the half-fiend Grudgore.  The fort was now held by 14 elite hobgoblins, former followers of Grudgore, known as the “Hammer-Boys”.  Despite early success by Rannos’ axe, the attack bogged down.  Nevertheless, the party killed all the hammer-boys in the end, although Einar was also killed and most of the party received serious wounds.


Odec 18th—19th

            The party rests and heals in the brigand fort.  Scouting missions by “Petey”, Whitefire’s owl familiar, report undead activity at night around the area, and humanoids in the Chapel Perilous.


Odec 20th

            Leaving Meenar and Mynar to guard the horses, the rest burst into the Chapel Perilous as the High Priest, Nargax the Terrible, and his underlings were in the middle of performing an evil ceremony to the Unholy Feaster.            An immediate battle erupts between he six adventurers and the priest, his 4 acolytes, 6 cultists, 8 orc double-axe fighters, 6 ghouls and 6 zombies.  Despite early success due to a sleep spell and well-placed web from Whitefire, Ostler’s blasting all 6 ghouls into dust accompanied by the chanting of “the Law of Bor is All” by the party, and competent axe-work by Rannos, Kronin and Garl, the party ran into difficulty when the priest  escaped the web and axe attacks to heal in a side room, and the cultists enveloped the room in magic mist.   The four acolytes put up a stubborn resistance and Garl was killed when placed under a hold spell by the priest.  Some orcs awakened by cultists took the party from the rear and temporarily disabled Kronin.   But at last the foes fell one by one, and only the priest himself escaped, using a flying potion.


Odec 21st

            The party rides back to Ludwig.


Odec 22nd

            The party rides to Baltburg


Odec 23rd

            In Baltburg, Garl is raised from the dead by Bishop Lucius.  The party provides the diamond component and hands over some of the evil regalia of the Feaster cult to the Church.  Bishop Lucius issues each one with a diploma of commendation and gratitude from the Church of Bor.


Odec 25th

            Party rests in  Baltburg.


Odec 26th

            Party returns to Fort Blacksword.