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Session/Game: Axeburg 3e #19        Date:5/18/03

Episode 19: "The Ball and Chain of Guthlac"
Campaign Date: Imperial Year 488
GM: Dave Nelson
Einar, priest of Gorm, level 5, human (Pete Zollers)
Hildrun, son of Frithman, human, rune master, level 7, (Mike Miller)
   Eoman, skald, level 6, human (cohort)
Gudwig, human, ranger/rogue, level 1/5 (Toby Miller)
   Borhil, human, runeweaver, level 4 (cohort)
Vilegar, sorcerer, level 6, human (Andrew Smith)
Skar, barbarian, level 5, human (Chuck Tillinghast)
Baldy and Snorri the Green, fighters, level 4, human (Justin Fernandez)


All through the winter of 488 Einar’s new wife, Alfgard the Celestial Bride, was constantly chewing on his ear about what great raids he must have lead before rescuing her, and what battles he must have been the leader of. Sensing that a glorious raid might either shut her up, get himself killed or at least away from the nagging for a few weeks, Einar asked his sole remaining brother, Grimbold the Mighty, Monk-ripper, Elf’s Bane, Lord Blood-Eagle, Hersir of Axeburg, for a ship to lead on a raid. Grimbold readily lent him one.

Einar recruited Hildrun the Rune Master, Baldy and Snorri the Green from Grimbold’s guard, Gudwig the Tumbler (probably for entertainment I imagine), and the weird and disturbing Vilegar, sorcerous lord of goats, as well as 20 stalwart sailors, and 20 somewhat less than stalwart axemen.

An epic, glorious raid party was thrown before hand by Captain Einar. There was much drinking and feasting. Einar swore to return with the crew’s weight in booty, Vilegar that his magic goats would feast on the entrails of 12 enemies, Gudwig that he would slay 7 defilers of Harr’s name. Snorri and Baldy both swore they would see the other return alive. There was also a mighty drinking contest, held in honor of the recently slain Othere the Brewmaster. Einar won the contest.

Since Earl Sighvat had recently secured a truce with the Grey Elf kingdom, Einar decided to raid the coasts of the Tilgash Towns. Their target turned out to be the seaside fortress of the Merchant House of Grively, a powerful clan of factors at the town of Dren.

The sailing trip was without incident, until they reached the Tilgash coast and were set upon by two cutters of the “dreaded” Tilgash Coast Guard. One cutter was manned by 10 men under a priest of Bor, the other by 9 halflings under a sorcerer. The battle was brisk, with several fireballs flying from each side. The cutters were both defeated, however, and only 3 Viking warriors were slain, although most of the axemen were critically wounded. After a break for magical healing, the ship proceeded on to the fortress.

At the shore, the Vikings rushed the doglegged entrance to the fortress. Many of the axemen wilted under intense arrow fire. Meanwhile, Hildrun, magically flying above the battlefield, engaged in wizardly duels with various enemy sorcerers, even taking damage from an enemy priest’s searing light spell.

The main entrance defenses were bolstered by a great Troll-captain who slaughtered several more axemen before being slain by Einar. The attack pressed home to the inner gatehouse where a great Earth Elemental bruised Einar, Baldy and Snorri with great wounds and killed several more axemen before being slain. Meanwhile, Hildrun came under concentrated sorcerer attacks, being transformed into a frog, restored by Eoman, transformed into a worm, again restored by Eoman, and then transformed into a sponge before a third time being restored by Eoman. At last the enemies were defeated and much booty taken.

Einar more than achieved his boast, taking 30 tons of grain, beer, cloth and other goods. Vilegar also achieved his by slaying 12 enemies by fireball and trollish goat. Gudwig failed his boast, only having slain 6. Baldy and Snorri also achieved their boasts by both surviving the fights. Einar was less than pleased by the Viking axemen, forcing the few who survived the fight to row the ship home.

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