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Session/Game: Axeburg 3e #7        Date:10/06/02

Episode 7: "Buggers, Furry Lizards and One Dead Stumpy"
Campaign Date: Imperial Year 484
GM: Dave Nelson
Erkenward, dwarf, runesmith, level 3 (Toby Miller)
Asward, son of Rathgar, human, fighter, level 2 (Chuck Fleurie)
Hildrun, human, rune master, level 3, (Mike Miller)
Gudwig, human, sorcerer, level 2 (Toby Miller)


Tul 1st 484, Axeburg Hall
Unknown to his companions in the great battle against the troll army, Asward had found a treasure map on the body of a dead troll. Keeping the matter secret, he bought a small coastal boat from Edmund the Shipwright and recruited Hildrun of Port and the dwarf Erkenward to go with him to recover the lost "Treasure of Floki," which lay beneath the Tower of McGarrigle, a ruin that dated to the time of the Grumbol-Lord.

Tul 2nd 484, the Sea and Tower of McGarrigle
The three sailed north to the ruined tower, although there was some powerful disagreement between Hildrun and Asward as to who had to row and who got to steer.. They noticed there was a sheltered beach with a stair leading to the tower and a sea-cave. At first they considered sailing the boat into the cave, but their feeble sailing skills brought them back to their senses. They climbed to the tower and ignored the warning rune stone. After climbing down into the dungeon beneath they were set upon by 6 demonlings, whom they swiftly killed. While they searched the room they were attacked by some monstrous spiders. They pressed on and refused to search a hideous garbage pit. Further along they slew a giant fiendish lizard and a gelatinous cube. Pressing on they were set upon by 3 undead spiders, which paralyzed Asward, but were at last all killed. They recovered some treasure, including some magic leather armor, from the body of a dead thief in the room. After Asward recovered, they found a room with a statue of 2 wrestling trolls. They foolishly touched it and the trolls (2 disguised Earth Elementals) leaped to the attack. After a grueling fight in which Asward was wounded nearly to death several times, to be healed by Hildrun, Erkenward was killed and the "trolls" were slain. Asward and Hildrun looted Erkenward's body, burned him on a cheap raft and returned to their boat.

Tul 3rd 484, the Sea
Asward and Hildrun sailed back to Axeburg.

Tul 4-5th 484 Axeburg
Asward and Hildrun rest and plan for a return trip. They decide to sell some of their treasure at the Jarl's Market.

Tul 6th 484 Jarlsburg
Asward and Hildrun sail to Jarlsburg, but discover that the next market day is 7 days off.

Tul 7th to 14th Jarlsburg
Asward and Hildrun get hospitality from a prosperous Jarlsburg pig farmer.

Tul 15th Jarlsburg
Asward and Hildrun go to market. They buy some famous Jarlsburg cheese and a few rune bandages. Hildrun makes the mistake of trying to sell the magic armor to the Jarl's armorer, who cheats him badly, and threatens to tell the Jarl if there are any complaints. In the market grounds, Gudwig, a sorcerer from Steiner's, overhears Asward talking about buried treasure, and invites himself along on the trip. Since he has a fishing boat, much safer than the small boat they have, Asward and Hildrun agree.

Tul 16-17 Jarlsburg
Hildrun spends two days preparing some healing runes.

Tul 18th Tower of McGarrigle
Asward, Hildrun and Gudwig sail to the tower. They enter the dungeon and fight some giant fiendish lizards. They find a room with 6 giant pillars. They decide, through Hildrun's second sight, that the first pillar contains some magic and so Asward attempts to bash the pillar to pieces. With each blow he lands a great noise rings out. This brings several waves of attackers into the room, spiders, demon-buggers, fiendish lizards, etc. All of the attackers are killed, but it is a lot of fighting, with grievous amounts of hack-stealing by Gudwig. Finally the pillar caves in and out steps an ugly troll, who claims to be "Stan the Magic Genie" and promises to grant them a favor if "they'll stand all bunched up together". He does tell them the location of the treasure of Floki and wanders off. The treasury is full of traps. Asward has his hand cut off by one, Gudwig suffers some minor poisoning and Hildrun receives a nasty shock. But they recover a heap of silver, a golden scepter and crown, a runic battle-banner of Harr and a magic sword. They journey to a room with a magic fountain (the fountain of defective wishes), and on "Stan's" advice make careful requests after drinking. Asward's hand is repaired and he gets a normal suit of chainmail. Hildrun gains "magical feet" (don't ask), and Gudwig gains a pile of normal weapons. Hunting further they find a secret passage. Inside they are attacked by spiders, which they kill. They recover some more treasure there. Finally they find the sea-cave exit, guarded by three large, demonic crocodiles that have coats of white fur. The crocodiles inflict hideous damage on their initial charge and all three heroes flee in terror. AN argument breaks out as to whether they should just forget the crocs and return home, rest for a day and try again, or cast some healing and attack again immediately. At last Hildrun casts the runes, which demand immediate attack. This time they do quite well and slaughter the crocodiles.

Tul 19th Axeburg
They all return safely to Axeburg and spilt their treasure.

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