Fulton Horizons

This short-lived campaign will live on in the heart of the Lords of Hack because of the extensive and creative wiki that was built behind it. Unfortunately, that software failed us in the past and all the content has been lost. However, the logs of the two games that were actually played still live on below.

Session 1 - The Terrible Secret of Mike's Nuts
Session 2 - The Terrible Secret of Nimrod Island

York Dispatch - The former location of Mike's Nut Shop, 961 W. College Ave., was reduced to rubble after a March 2007 explosion that leveled two homes and destroyed three others on the block. Authorities were unable to determine the cause of the blast. Paula Stoeckle said it was the company's local roots that inspired her and her husband to persevere and rebuild. "We have such gratitude for the people who stuck by us through the whole thing," she said. "We owed York County something ... and we considered that when we thought, 'Do we just pack it up?'" "There's a reason for everything," she added. The business has three part-time employees, plus the Stoekles, and makes $225,000 a year in gross sales. Paul Stoeckle said that number is growing.