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 +No one in the Skull Collectors knows his real name, nor his birthplace. He claims to be a member of a family-line of Masked Archers who trace their line to the old Ardean //​Protectores//,​ guardians of the Ardean priesthoods and temples. ​ The Masked Archer is looking for a book known as the "​Mamertine Apocalypse"​ which the pagan priests of Ardea hid when the Empire converted to the Lawful Orthodox Fane centuries ago.  He joined the Skull Collectors when they were attacked by Lucius Bastardo because he suspects that the Mamertine Apocalypse is hidden in a lost temple to Mars located somewhere near Bastardville.
 +His goal is to establish an order called the Ultores Martis (Avengers of Mars) to protect and advance the cause of the "​true"​ Ardean civilization and worship of the neutral, pagan gods.
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