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Session/Game: Conan #3        Date:4/27/04

Interlude 3
Campaign Date: Year Of The Bear, Month of Vivvig
GM: Dave "Dr. Skull" Nelson
Castel Zerano, Zingaran, Pirate, level 2 (Randy Wood)
Conrad, Hyperborean, Soldier, level 2 (Joe Fryer)
Demetrio the Red, Barachan, Pirate, level 2 (Pete Zollers)
Grimjob the Eunuch, Shemite, Soldier, level 3 (Andrew Smith)
Grodd, Cimmerian, Barbarian, level 3 (Bob LaForge)
Lord Hieronymous Valanus, Aquilonian, Noble/Soldier, level 1/2 (Mike Miller)
Horsa, Vanir, Soldier, level 2 (Chuck Fleurie)
"Limberger", Turanian, Thief, level 3, (Toby Miller)
Vegeta, Southern Islander, Barbarian, level 3 (Marlon Kirton)

After spending a month or two knocking around Brythunia and the Border Kingdom on the way south, our heroes reach a crossroads. One road leads to the East and Zamora specifically. Another road leads south, and eventually to Shem. They enter a nearby inn and have a conference around a sturdy table.

Vegeta stands up and says:

"I really want to go to Zamora and kill enough Spider-priests to wash this curse away in a river of blood."

Grimjob is noticeably upset at the suggestion. He wants desperately to return to Shem, and hopefully rescue the Oracle of Shushan, who was seen in a slave-pen in the Shemite city of Nippr. He stands and makes this speech:


As you know, all my life I have been a servant. Early in my career I made a sacrifice and took solemn vows to aid and protect the Divine Oracle of Shoushan. Joining the Order of the Oracle was everything to me. It was not just a profession; it made me who I am. The Order was my family, and we all worshiped the Oracle as though she were a goddess.

When traitors turned on Shoushan, destroying all that I stand for I was cut adrift. I was lost. All that I stood for was gone. All that remained was bitter revenge. I knew that I would not rest until these traitors were put to death.

Now it comes to pass that the Oracle herself may yet live. This news brings hope to my soul. Assuming that she has not been polluted and retains her gift, I am duty-bound to find and protect her at once. I could once again regain my solemn purpose in this world of tyranny.

I need your help. I fear that I might not be able to attain my goal on my own. Together, we have been a powerful legion. We have turned back armies and drawn blood from the foulest of demons this black world has to offer. Our combined will is unstoppable.

I know there are those among you that care nothing for honor. Some of you might ask what you have to gain by joining my quest. There is little more than glory in return for joining me on this bloody errand. I can only offer to all those who join me a favor in kind in return for your service. One request from each of you I will be honor-bound to fulfill.

Lend me your steel for this one purpose, and I guarantee victory. Are you with me?"

As "Limberger" sits around the table, he shakes his head in utter disgust and begins to speak:


Grodd says:

"Grodd likes to rescue pretty women. Maybe other pretty women to rescue with her, as long as they're not virgins too! Grodd gives no shit about dusty old Spider-Priests! Crom!"

Conrad also stood up by the fireplace and said:

“I'm with Grimjob. Angering the Spider god even further does not seem like a very good idea. Vegeta made his bed all by himself against our advice, now it's time for him to lie in it.... by himself.”

Lord Heironymous stands to his feet at the table and begins to make a speech:

"This is my decision. I have already given my word to Grimjob, you have all done fantastic in each of your respects. We left a job already in progress to head to Shem, neglecting the 600sp job we had. Now as for Vegeta, you have two options. One depart our merry little band to head to Zamora to make amends then return to us once you are forgiven, btw, Vegeta, killing more Spider priests will NOT make the curse go away, it will intensify it. You must know that even from your own religion. Would your god forgive someone because they killed more of their priests. I think not. Secondly, continue with us taking your 'medicine', and then at the first opportunity we will head to Zamora to let be cleansed of this curse. It seems everyone is in agreement that we head to Shem. My friend, Grimjob, we shall depart post haste with all due speed to rectify the situation and to right your wrong and redeem you honor!"
"Let us toast to the successful return of the oracle, the redeeming to Grimjob's honor, and that Vegeta's curse doesn't rub off on us!"

Then Vegeta responded:

“so more I kill the faster the faster we find the spider god. I will be a killing monster and no more talking if they cannot help I will kill them”

Lord Heironomus stands up steely eyed and starts to get red around the neck and face with anger:

"exsqueeze me good barbarian? Whom do you plan on killing. Surly you mean not us."

Vegeta looks the “little girl” up and down with a smile on his face:

"anyone how get in my way!! u don't care about my heath so i will have to look out for myself. all u care for a little girl that is worth nothing. so i will help u find her faster by leaving a trail of body. just stay out of my way.”

He stalks out of the room, howling like a gut-stabbed panther. On the way out of the room Vegeta laughs as he speaks:

"The spider god will kill me as I have to kill someone"

Grimjob stands and says:

“To Shem, for Vengeance!”