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Session/Game: Conan #15         Date: 11/7/2004

Episode 15, "Conrad's Redemption? -- Part Three"
Campaign Date: Year of the Serpent, Ducet 17-30
GM: Joe Fryer
Lord Hieronymous Valanus, Aquilonian, Noble/Soldier, level 4/2 (Mike Miller)
  Luxon, scholar-5 from the mysterious East, (cohort)
Isabella Noble-1 /Scholar-3/Thief-1 (Andrew Smith)
Horsa, Vanir, Soldier, level 5 (Chuck Fleurie)
"Bloody" Turpin, Border Kingdom, Soldier/Thief, level 3/3 (Dave Nelson)
   Slink, Follower of Turpin, Thief level 3 (NPC)
   Various and sundry followers of Turpin
Vegeta, Southern Islander, Barbarian, level 7 (Marlon Kirton)
Ozziago, Zingaran, soldier-6 (Toby Miller)

This is the story as told by the most esteemed scholar, Honest Bill Hodges:

Y'see, once we 'ad our amulets and weapons scribed with the elder symbol, we decided it was time to storm the pyramid again. We killed the guards in the pyramid, and one guardian demon too. We discovered that the rest of the cult had sailed off to the "Isle of Mists" where Conrad was 'rigionally infected with his ailment in the first place. We chartered a ship and followed Kneph-Ra's three ships. At the island, we seized their three ships at anchor and made off wif 'em. Then we killed a bunch of guards on the beach. Valanus did most of the killing from his horse. Then I scouted ahead to the old ruins. I sneaked up on the cultists and shot three arrows into Kneph-Ra and killed 'im. Unfortunately, that was the very trigger needed to complete the rituals. This giant evil thing from beyond appeared. I retreated back to the rest of the party, and we saw the giant evil thing coming. Valanus charged and wounded it. 'iz henchman attacked, which allowed me to flank the wicked beastie. I whacked it 'wif my bardiche, hitting what must have been a vulnerable spot, and killed it. I took Kneph-Ra's cool golden hat as a prize, and plentiful bragging rights as well.