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Session/Game: Conan #16         Date: 11/21/2004

Episode 16, "Wandering Around the Desert"
Campaign Date: Year of the Rat, Ublez 1-7
GM: Dave Nelson
Lord Hieronymous Valanus, Aquilonian, Noble/Soldier, level 5/2 (Mike Miller)
  Luxon, scholar-5 from the mysterious East, (cohort)
   Squire Bart, Aquilonian, soldier-3 (follower)
   Neo, Aquilonian, soldier-2 (follower)
   Morpheus, Aquilonian, soldier-2 (follower)
   Flunkies x5, Aquilonian, soldier-1 (follower)

Vegeta, Southern Islander, Barbarian, level 8 (Marlon Kirton)
Ozziago, Zingaran, soldier-6 (Toby Miller)

Prince Andalarius of Argos was visited by a mysterious stranger who sold him the fabulous “Rod of Infinite Possibilities”. This rod was guaranteed to make the owner and his army invulnerable to all Stygian magic. So, the prince gathered an army of Argossean, Aquilonian and Kothic adventurers and cut their way south in an attempt to sack the ancient tombs of Luxor. Unfortunately, the magic rod was a fake and the army was devastated by foul plagues and curses from beyond the grave. Vegeta, Ozziago, and Lord Valanus and his entourage found themselves with the remnants of the Prince’s army in the desert slowly being surrounded by a host of Stygians.

Day 1
Valanus, his followers, Vegeta and Ozziago found themselves at the southern edge of the small remnant of the Argos expedition. The main Stygian force was attacking from the north, while Stygian horse could be spotted to the East, and a chariot force to the West. The party decided to cut their way through a small band of Stygian infantry to the south and make for the open desert. They kill about 20 Stygians, losing 1 of Valanus’s flunkies and a while lot of their own blood in the process. After briefly debating whether to wheel around and cut their way through the main Stygian army, they flee into the desert to the south.

Day 2
The party is ambushed on the trail by dreaded Stygian desert Lizard-men. The Lizardmen manage to kill Neo, Ozziago’s horse and 2 of the flunkies and to severely wound Luxon, Morpheus, Ozziago and 2 more flunkies.

Day 3
After having moved south away from the battle scene, they decide to turn west and make considerable progress doing so. However, they use up the last of their water. After making camp, they decide to turn Northwest to make a break for Shem.

Day 4
They make excellent progress to the Northwest, coming very close to the River Styx. They suffer greatly from lack of water.

Day 5
They become lost and turn aside just before reaching their goal, the River Styx and the Shem border. They wander back deep into the desert due south, suffering again for lack of water.

Day 6
They come across an oasis in the desert. There is a Stygian Watch-tower near the well. At nightfall, Luxon and Vegeta scale the tower and slay the guards and sorcerer within, while Valanus, Ozziago and Squire Bart slay the guard squad outside near the well. Squire Bart’s horse is killed, and Luxon is grievously injured again, but the camp is secured.

Day 7
Soon, the party packs up the supply camels at the tower and with an adequate supply of water and a good map they dash to the Shem border and safety.