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Session/Game: Conan #19         Date: 01/02/05

Episode 19, "Untold Adventures"
Campaign Date: Year of the Ape, Ducet 10 - Ducet 13
GM: Andrew Smith
"Bloody" Turpin, Border Kingdom, Thief/Soldier, level 4/4 (Dave Nelson)
Vegeta, Southern Islander, Barbarian, level 9 (Marlon Kirton)

"Redsea" Vegeta takes a break from managing affairs of the pirate base on Skar Island to accompany "Scurvy" Bill Hodges on a raid of a fat Stygian trade vessel. The pirate kings easily board and destroy all resistance on the two escort ships using bow and spear, but by leaving their men in control of those two vessels only the two heroes board the final trade vessel itself. Two skilled swordsmen take their best shots at "Redsea" (Vegeta's pirate name) nearly dealing the South Islander a mortal blow. Meanwhile, "Scurvy Bill Hodges" (not to be confused with the pseudonym of that do-gooder Turpin -- "I'm a bloody pirate for Mitra's sake!") starts taking potshots at the sorcerer captain of the vessel before he can release a fatal defensive blast on the two. Stygian missile fire whistles at both pirate kings. However, it is Vegeta's spear that wins the day. "Redsea" eventually breaks through the advanced swordsmen and the sorcerer is impaled on the masthead by several arrows fired from the bow of "Scurvy Bill Hodges".

The heroes return to base with their swag of the main trading vessel loaded onto the two captured escort vessels since the original trade vessel was scuttled following some stray demon-fire. All the inhabitants of the island are crowded into the sea-caves to try and escape the growing boldness of the attacks from the hidden vampire. Body after body have been found burned by acidic tentacles and their blood drained dry from their bodies. Turpin and Vegeta confer for a bit and come up with a brilliant idea for dealing with the vampire. They pack up the remaining ships with all the loot and able bodies they can, and leave the remaining unfortunates to their death from the monster. Vegeta even goes farther by sinking the two escort ships that he filled "with his enemies" amongst the pirate island along with all the waterproof loot that he could fit abort the smaller vessels. Turpin and Vegeta's ships are seperated by storms and both find their own way back to the mainland by different routes to continue their adventures.

Earl Rumset and his mercenary army deal a crushing blow to Valanus' home city of Valanium, sacking it for all its worth. The mercenary army is attacked and dispersed by King Conan's rescue later on that month, but the damage has been done. Gravesites are found defiled, tombs are robbed, and all the temples have been sacked. The populace is left in shambles. Valanus recovers after being poisoned by foul treatchery and goes out on his own to seek new fame and fortune.

Rumset and Renudo are no where to be found following the defeat of their mercenary force.

Now posing as Mobvet, head of the "Third Eye" assassin's guild, Limburger continues to try to consolidate his power. After winning a measure of come-uppance by spreading the rumor that Turpin was an agent of the king, Limburger has sent as many spies and operatives to find Lord Prospero Victus -- Mobvet's long time second in command -- and kill him. So far to no success.

"Left Hand" Lew continues to prowl the Western Ocean with his two pirate galleys winning fame and fortune.

Thus ends the story of these heroes of Hyborea