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CHARGE: during a movement phase, a combatant can declare a Charge. He must move at least 15’ and end in contact with an enemy. A combatant may not charge two turns in a row. If he charges he will gain +1 to his “to hit” roll and +1 on his “damage” roll, on the next melee phase, except if he is using a lance from a medium or heavy horse in which cases he will still get the +1 to hit, but will roll double weapon dice. If a charging combatant is hit in melee by an opponent using a Spear, Dismounted Lance or Pike on the round his charge bonus would be gained, the opponent will double his rolled weapon damage.

You do not gain any benefit from a charge uphill or upslope. You gain an additional +1 damage and an additional 5' of movement if you charge down a significant slope or hill.

If you can make multiple attacks for any reason, you gain the charge bonus only on the first attack you make on the melee phase that you gain the bonus.

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