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  • Resting without travelling or fighting, with some food and shelter, heals 1d3 hit point of damage per day. Each day a resting character is treated with a dose of Woundwart, he heals an additional 1 hp.
  • Magic spells and potions heal hit points as indicated in their descriptions.
  • Immediately after a battle, drinking 1 pint of beer or wine (one half a skin) will heal 1 hit point of damage.
  • If thirty minutes of rest is taken, an Awesome Pie, Dwarf Haggis, or Grape Nuts will heal 1d4 hit points of damage (max 1 of these, once per day). Comfrey Root applies to a wound immediately after battle can heal 1d4 hit points as well (once per day).
  • Those who have fallen under the effects of Hercu-beer regain 1d4 hit points over the 8 hours they are unconscious.
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