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Statistics Population: 6000 people; Military: Knights 60, Soldiers 240, Militia 1200; Dirtbags: 160; Specials: 60; Facilities: Inns: 2, Taverns: 1, Temples: 2, Armorers: 6, Blacksmiths: 12, Alchemists: 0, Herbalists: 3, Building Company: 0, Mage Guild: 1, Gangs: 1

Government: Sir Marco Goldhelm is the Steward of Krand, appointed by Ducal Commission to govern the town. He is advised by a council of 10 knights of the town and 20 master craftsmen.

Military: The Dukedom keeps a squadron of 3 Warships at Krand to patrol the northern gulf for barbarians, monsters and pirates. 60 sailors and 180 marines make up the fleet compliment. There are only 60 Crossbowmen and 20 knights in the regular town garrison, with wall-guard and watch duties lying on the town militia. There are 20 knight-vassals who hold land in the town (10 of whom are on the town council).

The Dockside Inn: a huge establishment used mostly by visiting sailors and passengers. The bar is separated from the lodgings by a long, covered walkway and is notoriously rowdy.

The Wayfarers’ Inn: a comfortable, if simple, lodging house located near the inland gate, popular among travelers from the surrounding countryside.

The Dragon’s Crest Tavern: famous drinking den located near the center of town. All sorts meet and mingle, drink and gamble. The priests of Ukko constantly complain about the noise and the evil-doings there.

The Temple of Ukko: the temple of Ukko is home to 20 Knights who have sworn to protect the temple and quest for the good. The high priest is Jaspar High-Father. The temple is favored by all the fishermen and sailors of the town. There is an active clergy of 15 clerics of various levels.

The Temple of Isis and Osiris: the High Priest and Priestess Frederic and Juliana are quite old and their congregation is mostly the old folks of the town and all the farmers of the district outside. The temple is protected only by a squad of 20 1st and 2nd level clerics.

The Arsenal of Krand: all 6 armorers and 6 of the blacksmiths of the town work at the Town Arsenal, which is dedicated to maintaining the squadron of ships of the Dukedom based in town. They also maintain the weaponry of the town watch and garrison.

Hammer Tim: the blacksmith Tim Smith has invented a method of using common cast-off material from merchant and naval ships to mass-produce spears and hand axes. He is assisted by an apprentice and 10 unskilled laborers but can produce the weapons quickly. He sells them is lots of 15, for half the list price.

Crunchy Fred’s Herb Shop: Fred specializes in smokables, having a good stock of goat’s rue, pipe weed, vermifuge, and white byrony. There’s a 1 in 6 chance he has a small stash of Black Lotus.

Doctor Phineas’ Apothecary: Phineas specializes in medicinal herbs. He has a good stock of Birthwort, Chalmugra Oil, Comfrey, Flewort, Goldenrod, Tamarind and Woundwart. There is a 1 in 6 chance he has some White Lotus.

Pluggo’s Plants and Minerals: Pluggo sells an astounding range of powders and herbal concoctions. Any herbal or alchemical product you ask for he will sell you (1 in 6 it actually is what he says, 2-4 it is useless, 5 it is poison, 6 it is actually even better than you asked for). Krand Guildhall of the Legion of Sorcery: The Mysterious Owen the Friendless runs this guildhall of the Legion. There are currently only about 5 other members and a like number of apprentices, but there are often several visiting members too.

The Bad Mummer Jummers: this is a band of 30-40 thieves and bandits who try to keep a firm monopoly of crime in town. Their big money comes from ripping off cargo ships, but they also love to rob travelers and hassle shopkeepers. They are led by a ruthless bastard named Sharktooth. Their only fear is that the fleet marines might be turned on them, so they leave the naval squadron conspicuously alone. All thieves spotted by the gang are given one chance to join, or are dealt with harshly.

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