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1—MAINTENANCE: each month players must pay a maintenance fee for themselves and each of their henchmen, soldiers and hirelings. If the fee is paid, the character or npc is assumed to have a place to live (rented room if he hasn’t bought permanent structure), regular meals, maintained clothing and equipment that is in repair and good condition. Additionally, the character or npc will refill his arrows, quarrels, thrown daggers, sling stones, and will have filled any wineskins and will have 1 week of rations on hand from his expense cost.

2—MAINTENANCE EXPENSE COSTS: • Player Characters: 50gp per level

• Henchmen, Ship’s Captain, Soldier Leader, Knight: 25gp per level

• Light Horse or Mule: 5gp; Medium Horse: 10gp, Heavy Horse: 15gp

• Servant, laborer: 10gp

• Light Foot, Light Archer, Levy: 15gp

• Heavy Foot, Heavy Archer, Ship’s Crew: 20gp

• Light Cavalry (includes horse): 20gp

• Medium Cavalry (includes horse): 35gp

• Heavy Cavalry (includes horse): 45gp

• Blacksmith: 20gp, Armorer 50gp

• Alchemist 1000gp, Animal Trainer 500gp, Engineer 700gp, Sage 2000gp

• Spies and Assassins are hired on a per mission basis, no maintenance needed

3—FAILURE TO PAY MAINTENANCE: If a character fails to pay maintenance for himself, all of his arms, armor, and adventuring gear is considered to have become Poor Quality. This means that the first time each piece is used in a dangerous or important situation there is a 1 in 6 chance that it breaks. Permanent magic items such as sword or cloaks are not affected, but potions and scrolls are. Horses and other animals are also affected. If hirelings are not paid their maintenance, they leave service. If henchmen are not paid maintenance, they must roll a morale check or leave service.

4—STRONGHOLDS AND MAINTENANCE If a character owns a stronghold within the Realm, the maintenance costs for himself and for henchmen and hirelings are cut in half. If the character owns a stronghold in the Wilderness that has attracted settlers, he needs to pay no maintenance for himself or his henchmen, or his non-soldier hirelings, but soldiers still must be paid half standard maintenance for their type. In all circumstances, soldier hirelings must be paid at least half their standard maintenance.

To gain the stronghold maintenance discount, the stronghold must be able to house all the hirelings and at least 1 servant or laborer for every 5 other people. Each type of building available in the Gear Book indicates the number of occupants it can house.

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