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Recharging Items: wands, rings and other such items that use charges may be recharged in an enchanter’s furnace, unless they are forbidden to be recharged by the item description. The re-charging character must have a formula to create the item, and simply does an abbreviated creation procedure. It takes half the component cost, half the time and no special ingredient to recharge the item. The process still risks the item’s destruction on the final roll.

Special Ingredients: each formula should have its own special ingredient. However, only one “dose” of special ingredient can be harvested from any particular animal, plant or monster. So, if a Ring of Fire Resistance has a special ingredient of red dragon scales, only one ring can be made from any particular dragon.

Prices for Weapons: since “vanilla” magic weapons and armor are not given a Gold Piece Value in the Hackmaster Guide (probably an oversight), attach these values: +1=2000gp, +2=4000gp, +3=8,000gp, +4=12,000gp, +5=18,000gp.

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