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Statistics Population: 4000 people; Military: Knights 40, Soldiers 160, Militia 800; Dirtbags: 160; Specials: 40; Facilities: Inns: 2, Taverns: 4, Temples: 1, Armorers: 4, Blacksmiths: 8, Alchemists: 0, Herbalists: 0, Building Company: 0, Mage Guild: 0, Gangs: 2

Government: the town of Oatburg and the nearby countryside is ruled directly by Sir Brandifast II, Baron of The Oats. The Baron’s family has ruled the town for over 200 years and is jealous of all privileges. He holds court once a month to decide all court cases and disputes; the only substitute he allows is his eldest son Reginald.

Military:Bold Text all the town’s military are commanded by the baron directly or through his marshal Theobaldo. 10 knights and 40 soldiers are his personal guard and serve him full time, living in the keep built into the town walls. 15 additional knights owe the baron vassal service in exchange for property in town. 50 Soldiers armed with crossbows work as the Town Guard, manning the walls and gates. 50 further soldiers (half light cavalry, half infantry) serve as the Baron’s army, but live in 2 barracks buildings in town. All 800 of the militia train to help defend the town and take turns doing patrols of the town as members of the Town Watch.

Temple of Isis and Osiris: the only temple in town is a large temple to Isis and Osiris which is run by the high priest and priestess Shadro and Moora. There are 15 male and 15 female temple attendants (clerics, mostly level 1) who keep the place in operation. There are also 20 temple guards to protect the shrine and its priesthood.

South Gate Inn: located near the southern gate of the town, this inn is quite large and has many rooms for rent. It is favored by travelers and visitors to Oatburg. The Innkeeper is Otis Rax, 6th generation keeper of the place. He’s obsessed with keeping the place clean.

Oats and Honey Inn: located near the northern gate of the town, this in is smaller than the South Gate, also more rustic and dusty. It is favored by farmers who need to spend the night in town on business. There are no private rooms here, only 2 large galleries filled with beds on the 2nd and third floor. The innkeeper is Mysterious Clive, who keeps to himself in the back room, having his assistant Pimpkin Dan do all the actual work managing the place.

Baron’s Armory: 3 of the town’s armorers and 3 of the town blacksmiths work in the Baron’s armory next to the keep. They are kept busy maintaining the baron’s army, but there is a 10% that they will have a particular piece of surplus equipment to sell.

Will’s Armor Store: the armorer Will Hancock runs a private armor and weapon store. He will make anything to order (takes 1 day per gp to get finished), and buys and sells used armor and weapons. There is a 75% chance he will have 1d6 examples of any particular piece of armor and weapon used for sale, they are “Poor Quality” meaning half price but have a 1 in 6 chance of failing/breaking on their first serious use.

R.B’s Tavern: cheapest eatery in town. Cheap beer and roast beef sandwiches are the staple offerings. The owners are Ralph and Bee, a pair of unsanitary old reprobates.

The Harp and Duck Tavern: Lady Perth claims to be a disposed noblewoman who runs a respectable tavern in town.

Mimsy’s Alehouse: Mimsy sells the cheapest of ale, brewed on premises. The alehouse is considered neutral ground by the two rival gangs in town and the town watch.

The Shining Unicorn Tavern: proprietor is an elf named Pickles who has the place full of music and glitter. Only sells wine, no beer or ale.

Smith’s Row: 5 blacksmiths run 5 separate small shops in a row near the west wall. They specialize in farm tools and horse shoes.

The Pig Forkers: one of the 2 organized criminal gangs in the town, the Pig Forkers are a group of about 20 dirtbags who specialize in stealing livestock, robbing visiting farmers and pickpocketing. They rarely rob stores or houses in the town. Several town butchers and tavern-keepers buy meat from the gang at a low price.

The Busters: the other organized gang, the Busters specialize in breaking and entering, prostitution and gambling rackets.

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