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A strange, reclusive wizard led a mixed band of followers up from the south a decade ago and fortified a village on the edge of the desert. He is called “The Deadly Master” and never seems to leave his keep. His steward Sir Aegidio of the Dawn runs the castle and domain for all but the most important decisions. The inhabitants are quite rowdy and disorganized, but never cross the Deadly Master. The Deadly Master has never joined either magic guild.

Military: From this barony of 5000 people, the Deadly Master commands 50 knights (25 are household knights, some of which are half-elves, 25 are vassal knights with their own manors), 200 soldiers (50 of which are half-orc mercenary infantry, 50 of which are Dreenoi, 100 of which are vassal humans who serve 2 months a year as light cavalry in exchange for a farm). The barony can muster an additional 1000 peasant militia, about half of which are part time bandits of dubious loyalty and the other half are poorly armed with knives and clubs.

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