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King Karl the Good wrote in the Book of the Law that “Any god who helps the Realm is welcome in the Realm.” Therefore, it has been common practice to allow any priests of any religion to build temples and attract worshippers in any town or city of the Realm. The priests are obligated to aid the Realm against attacks or crime, of course, and if they are found doing illegal activities they can be shut down, punished, or expelled.

Each god will be described with the following features:

  1. Alignment: alignment of the teachings of the god, all clerics of the god must be this alignment
  2. Domain: the part of the universe the god is master of
  3. Form: general appearance of the god in iconography
  4. Symbol: holy symbol used by god's clerics
  5. Color: holy color used in vestments and temple decoration
  6. Stat: the ability score that initiates of the god have increased by 1
  7. Temples: the places where the god has known temples
  8. Sacred Animals: animals considered holy and connected to the god.


Initiates of the god: if a character agrees to become initiated as a follower of a particular god, he gains a +1 in the ability score tied to that god, and can purchase potions from that god's temple at the “one own god's” price. However, each time an initiate disobeys an order from a priest of that god, he suffers a -5% drop in his current experience point total. If he disobeys a third time, he is no longer considered an initiate.

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