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Across the known world, the cities and farms of mankind are loosely united in a great kingdom known as the Realm. Founded by King Karl the Good, millennia ago, it was founded to combat the bubbling chaos of the Underworld and its horrific minions. Today, it is the structural framework on which life is lived.

The central lands of the Realm are the broad, fertile plains of Karlsland with its many cities, towns and estates. The king rules most of Karlsland directly, making a circuit with his court through the royal estates and Royal Chartered cities. This is only a small part of the Realm. The rest of the Realm is divided into Principalities and Dukedoms, ruled by Princes or Dukes who answer only the King himself. The task of these nobles is to protect their subjects from all threats, but they are mighty and proud, warring with each other on occasion, in addition to fighting chaos.

The Grand Book of King Karl is an ancient tome that exists in countless copies in every city and noble capital across the Realm. It contains “The Law” and all are bound by its wisdom. Schools of lawyers exist in all great cities practicing and interpreting its many regulations.

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