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Session 1: Wherein the heroes are captured and put to work in the mines of Farscult.

Session 2: Wherein the heroes find some ruins of a bygone age and barely escape a village of lycanthropes.

Session 3: Wherein the heroes help out an ill peasant and meet the bounty hunter Brainy Loosemuscles head on.

Session 4: Wherein the heroes manage to free the city of Zhukar from the Devouring aspect of the Feaster.

Session 5: Wherein the heroes consolidate their hold on the city of Zhukar and fight a nemesis from the Underworld.

Session 6: Wherein the heroes fight off a horde of gnolls and face off against the master of Farscult himself.

The land known as Gormak is a harsh place, not really a nation at all. Rather, it is a land ripe with warlords and warlocks of all kinds who claim small city-states as their own domain. It is a place where might makes right. However, the land of Gormak was once a more civilized nation. A large population of humans of Swerding descent still remain from a fallen kingdom of Gruben. Now enslaved by these local warlords, these poor downtrodden folk dream of a time in the past when their king reigned.

Once a mighty Swerding nobleman named Malone Gruben had united this land as his own kingdom following the fall of the Empire of Acherousia. Malone originally had tried to piece his nation together to be part of the Empire of the Seven Swords, but unification was hampered because he refused to give up sole control of all the land he had conquered. Rather than allow Malone Gruben to be the single largest landowner in the Empire, and thus a threat to the Emperor himself, Gruben was forced instead to create his own kingdom. The Kingdom of Gruben did not last for long however. Buried magic left by the Acherousian age tempted the orc, bugbear, and goblin hordes from the Orcish Uplands to invade the place. A string of relatively weak rulers also hampered the defense of the kingdom. Gruben's kingdom finally met its downfall under the rule of Hans Grubenson, one of Malone's heirs. Hans was more interested in enjoying the finer things in life rather than defending his kingdom as the hordes snapped away at it. In 364, Hans was forced to surrender the last parcel of land in the kingdom of Gruben to the hordes.

Farscult is a town that has grown in the shadow of the Barren Tower, a dark edifice that has stood in the depths of the Rootmuck swamp for centuries. The swamp was seldom explored by Gruben or his descendants, and so a dark culture of inbreeding and foul necromancy has survived here since the ages of Acherousia. In the last five years, the master of Farscult has changed to one Mox Krustal -- an old spellcaster of some sort who publicly murdered the last ruler of the dark city, forcefully took control of the city's mercenary guardsmen (the Green Bonnets), and added an orcish fighting force of his own. He seems to be searching for something within the Rootmuck swamp, and has opened several "mines" to try and uncover it. So far, his efforts have not been fruitful.

1. The Bright Keep (a.k.a. Buzzard's Roost)
2. Main barracks of the Green Bonnet Mercenary Corps
3. The Golden Calf merchant house
4. The Ancient Orthodox Temple Of The Dark God
5. The Slave Pits
6. The Barren Tower

The Characters
Illyiana Jhorn
Maliki Malfoe
Nebakanezzar Bubex

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