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Getting Fate Chips: each Player begins the session with 3 Fate Chips. He will gain more through the course of the game session. Generally speaking, each significant combat or role-playing encounter that involves some risk, or advances the action, goal or mission will result in 1 Fate Chip being awarded to each player who participated. The GM can award more for significant actions to specific players. At most 1 encounter per session can be designated a “key encounter” or “super dangerous monkey-slap encounter” and be worth 2-3 chips. The Fate Chips take the place of Monster Experience Points (but not Treasure Experience Points).

Spending Fate Chips: a player may spend Fate Chips during the game to help any character or henchman under his control. Chips may be spent to do the following actions:

  • RE-ROLL: 1 chip allows any result to be re-rolled, but only 1 chip per roll may be spent. The re-roll can never be worse than the original roll.
  • HEAL: immediately heal 1d4 hit points of damage suffered
  • MAX DAMAGE: score maximum damage on a single die rolled for damage (so you can max out a great axe shot d8, but not a 6d6 fireball).
  • DEATH TO WOUND: if a character has been brought to 0 hit points by damage, or killed by poison, or turned to stone etc., he can spend 1 chip to re-roll the saving throw of course. If that second save fails, he can cash in all his chips (providing he has at least 1) to make another saving roll.
  • NO SUCKING: if a character has failed his Touch save vs. a level drain, and then failed a re-roll from spending a fate chip, he can cash in all his chips (if he has at least 1) to make a third saving throw to avoid level loss.
  • CHANGE THE WORLD: allows the player’s character to find a piece of needed mundane equipment, or to turn a non-hostile npc into an old friend met by chance, or similar minor effect.

Cashing In Fate Chips: when the session is over, each player must cash in his Fate Chips. Each chip left over is worth 100 experience points (if characters are levels 1-3). 200 experience points (if characters are levels 4-6), or 400 experience points (if characters are levels 7-9) or 800xp (if the characters are levels 10-15), or 1600xp (if characters are levels 16+). The main character under the player’s control gets the full value of the chips he holds at the end, but henchmen get an amount equal to having gotten half the number of chips for a character of his level.

DM FATE CHIPS: The DM gets 2 chips for each player sitting at the table that he can use for his NPC’s and monsters in the same way PC’s can use for themselves.

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