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Thranconia Campaign Language Selection:

Common Tongue: all PC’s and members of henchmen deck automatically speak this language. It is the language of the Realm, and all human Realm-dwellers can be assumed to speak it. NPC’s of species available to PC’s (dwarves, goblins etc) cannot be assumed to speak it.

Native Languages: if a PC is a non-human, he/she will speak their species native tongue in addition to the Common Tongue.

BONUS LANGUAGES: for each point of Intelligence over 10, a PC may choose 1 additional language from the list below.

Angelic: language spoken by Angels, Lammasu and other celestial creatures.

Cyclopian: language spoken by the Cyclopians

Demonic: language spoken by Demons, hell hounds and other infernal creatures.

Dwarfish: language of the Dwarves

Elvish: language of the Elves

Elder Common: form of the Common Tongue used at the foundation of the Realm 2000 years ago. The Book of the Law is written in this dialect as are many important pieces of lore.

Feline: language of the Feline cat-people.

The Forest Tongue: language used by Satyrs, Centaurs, Pixies, Sprites, Unicorns etc.

Gigantic: Spoken by Trolls and Giants.

Glyphic: a language spoken by the desert dwellers of olden times, often seen in inscriptions and books of lore, by still spoken by Lamia, Djinni, Efreeti and Sphinxes.

Gnomish: language of the Gnomes

Goblin: language of Goblins, Hobgoblins and Bugbears

Kobold: language of the kobolds

Northern Tongue: language used by the Berserker tribes of the north, as well as Frost Giants.

Orcish: language of Orcs, Orkin, Half-orcs, Ettins and Ogres

Sea Speech: language used by Merfolk, Nixies and Deep Ones

Swampish: language spoken by Lizardmen, Dagonites and Troglodytes

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