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  • A flail, great sword, great axe, halberd and morning star all require a clear space to use, if a friendly is standing within 5’ of the user of one of those weapons, the wielder cannot strike with it.
  • Pikes, lances and polearms cannot be used in a dungeon or building, except in the very largest of rooms (DM’s judgement).
  • A polearm can be used to dismount an enemy rider instead of making a damaging attack. The attacker must hit AC 4, and then the defender must make a saving throw vs. poison or be pulled from his horse and knocked prone.
  • Daggers, spears, short swords and swords gain a +4 to hit against an opponent in plate armor who is prone.
  • If any character rolls a natural 1 in combat and is using a baton, club, quarterstaff, spear, polearm, halberd, pike or lance, that weapon’s wooden shaft will break. If the weapon is magical, it will only break if the target is wearing magical armor or is using a magical weapon or shield. If magical spear, polearm, halberd, pike or lance is broken, it can be repaired with a normal wooden shaft, as the magical virtue is in the metallic head.
  • If a character rolls a natural 1 in missile combat with a bow or crossbow, roll 1d4, and on a 1 the bow string will break, unless it is a magical bow.
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