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(These rules replace Enchant an Item and Permanence)

To create permanent magic items (including charge-using items like wands), other than through the focus method, requires an Enchanter’s Furnace, also known as a Cosmic Energy Chamber. This chamber is a box of biotite granite with a solid lid. The box must be in the proportions 5 feet x 4feet x 3 feet costing 5,000gp, although a double sized box (10x8x6) for 15,000gp could also be used for large items. Furthermore, the box must be permanently installed in a location that is either 39 feet above ground level (say in a tower) or 39 feet below ground level (say in a dungeon chamber) in order to act as an Enchanter’s Furnace. Magic-Users and Clerics can use an Enchanter’s Furnace to create magic items beginning at 5th level.

Magic-Users can create any item, apart from those that are specifically cleric-related and/or religious in nature. Clerics can create any item that they themselves can use, and any item made by a Cleric is automatically aligned to his religion’s teaching alignment. Dwarves of any class can enchant arms and armor. If an item has some sort of racial descriptor (e.g., Dwarven Throwing Hammer, Elven Cloak, Gnomish Poking Stick) only members of the described race can manufacture the item. If an item duplicates a spell effect, then the caster must be able to cast that spell to make the item (e.g. a magic-user must have fireball spell in his book to create a wand of fireballs). Certain items, like the Librams, Manuals and Tomes, cannot be created by mortal casters, the DM must rule as to which other items are similarly restricted to the gods’ work.

To create a permanent magic item the caster must first have a formula (see research). The caster places the item to be enchanted into the Enchanter’s Furnace, together with a secret ingredient determined by the DM and a number of gold pieces equal to half the gold piece value of the magic item listed in the Hackmaster Gamemaster’s Guide. The caster must spend 1 week chanting the formula and minding the Enchanter’s Furnace for each 100 gold pieces spent. This gold (and it must be gold metal, not merely the monetary equivalent) is slowly changed into a monatomic zero-spin state, releasing binding magical energy and becoming a worthless white powder. During the creation process, the caster’s entire spell casting quota is used up each day he works on the item. He can have an apprentice mind the Furnace for 1 day in 7, but any more than that will end with the item ruined. At the end of the creation process, the caster must roll the sum of his Intelligence (mage) or Wisdom (cleric) and his experience level or less on a d30, success means the object is successfully created, failure means the object and components are destroyed.

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