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Session/Game: Marches 3e: Session 18-19 Interlude                                             

Date: May 2001


Campaign Date:

Vay 10th to Sau 10th, Imperial Year 469



Kronin, dwarf, fighter-10/ dwarven defender-1, LG  Dave Hanley

Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-9, CN Charles Fleurie

            Brother Frankie, cleric level 5, LN, cohort

Sir Rannos, human fighter, level 10, CG, Bob LaForge

Ragnar, human rogue level 10, CG Shaun Sipple

Lady Adia Clearbreeze, high-elf, aristocrat-1/sorcerer-6, NG, Andrew Smith

Sir Ostler, human, cleric, LN, level 8, Joe Fryar

Sarissa Lin, human, monk, LN, level 7, Charles Tillinghast

Angus “Mr. Fabulous” McNasty, gnome, illusionist, level 7, N, Dave Nelson





            Kronin and his newly found friend Kurdich the Suffering Dwarf work long and hard for many weeks to create a mithral suit of dwarven plate mail.  During this time, Kurdich also instructs Kronin in the remaining secrets of the Dwarven Defenders, uriging him to one day champion the wandering brothers in the north.  Kronin also sent off a letter to his elder brother through Fergar of the Green Mountains Inn.  Once they had finished the suit, Kurdich announces that he is off on the road to find his kinsmen.  He bows deeply and swears eternal gratitude to  Kronin and promises to come to help him in his hour of need (leave word with Fergar).

In addition to the cost of his armor, Kronin must spend at the very least 36 gp to feed himself and Kurdich for 3 months.



            And buys himself a start-up caravan set.  Wagons x2, mules x20, tents x4, barrels x10, chests x10 for a total of 277 gp.  He also makes his next 4 payments on his store.


The Caravan Business:

He hires 2 teamsters, 2 workmen and 4 mercenary horsemen to run the caravan.  The caravan costs 42gp per month to feed and 72 gp per month in pay. 

            For the three months he hauls metal tools and finished cloth from Baltburg to Storm Eagle, 1 trip per month, carrying up to 1 ton per wagon.  Each trip he invests 2000gp in these goods.  He sells them for 2300 gp.  He fills both wagons with flour (80 gp) and brings it back to Baltburg, selling it for 90 gp. 

 Income: 2390 gp,  Expenses: 2194 gp:  profit: 196 gp x3 months= 588gp profit.


The Store

Ragnar hires a full-time clerk for his store who costs 12 gp per month.  He sells the following items at his store:

Made by Mr. Fabulous:

13 x Wand of Color Spray (1st level 50 charges) 750 gp each (Ragnar gets 35 gp each commission):  Raganr nets: 455 gp

20 Potions of Invisibility (3rd level), 300 gp each (Ragnar gets 15 gp each commission) 300 gp.



Rannos hires a steward for 20 gp a month to help run his fief.  He settles 30 farm families as yeoman, each owing 50 gp per year (total 1500gp due Quoct 1).  He also settles 30 families as Sergeants, each owing the service of one armed soldier for 60 days per year.  10 bold, adventurous halfling families are settled on his fief too, these convince the steward that they are brave and valiant soldiers and so are settled in exchange for 60 days service for 1 soldier per family per year.



For the past month or so, Adia was seperated from her homeland by the assault on the Northern Marche counties by the combined feaster and druid forces.  Now that the siege has been lifted, Adia returns to her homeland to make things right once more.  She meets with her parents, the seneschal, and Arborlorn the dryad before returning to her manor and checking on things.  Adia's manor house once belonged to her maternal grandparents.  It is the place of her mother's birth, magical with the chaos of nature but forged to order as commanded by the word of Bor.  The manor sits atop a low knoll overlooking a stream that eventually meanders its way to the River Dalmas.   The manor house was built in the high-elven style to reflect both a love of nature and a love of order.  The house is created from rough bricks joined by mortar.  Adia will tell guests that the gardens and bushes surrounding the manor were once more beautiful while her grandmother was still alive, but Adia's cousin does a great job gardening and tend
ing to the plant life in the area.  The manor house is much too big for Adia's needs, so much of the year it serves as a school for nearby children of the barony.  Adia employs four teachers who instruct local children in exchange for whatever megar fare her subjects can provide in return.  The manor employs a full time cook and butler, as well as an elderly watchman and Adia's handmaid.  Unknown to many, Adia has also befriended a local Dryad who lives several yards to the Northwest of the Manor within the woods.  Her name is Honeysuckle, and although she will not interfere in the work of mortals, she makes sure to keep an eye out for Adia and her household.  Adia also does her best to sponsor craft schools in the area to make sure that the Elfwind trades remain strong well into the future.  The money to maintain this house as well as support the growing school has been running low for some time now, so the manor house is in need of some repair.  However, Adia will be returning with money and goods picked u
p from her travels.  When she invites the heroes of Blacksword to a modest gala in their honor, the party will go off without a hitch. 

Vay 9th-Vay 15th
Adia travels to parent's holding in the Elfwind Barony for a tearful heartfelt reunion. 

Vay 16th-Uni 1st
Adia returns to her own estate to sort out business.  She has her golden skull melted down for money which she uses to improve the state of her manor. 

Uni 2st
Adia spends a day alone in the woods with her Dryad friends.  They discuss many things about life and happiness.  A unicorn named "Silverymoon" joins them and almost falls asleep with her head in Adia's lap.  Although Silverymoon would not let Adia ride her, she most certainly made it clear that the elf maiden may do so in the future.

Uni 3rd - Uni 28th
Adia continues fixing up her estate.  During the day she helps her cousin with the gardening and the cultivating of the garden in the North Western corner of the estate. 

Uni 29th
Adia becomes lonely for the heroes of Blacksword and sends word to them by messenger that she would like them to join her for a modest party in their honor on Sau the 9th.  

Uni 30th
Adia is brought news that the elf-prince's heir would like to meet with her again.  She makes arrangements to meet him at her parent's holding near Sau 15th.

Sau 1st - Sau 10th
One week to go!  Adia makes preparations for her party.  The guest list will include her parents, all the local knights and sergants, Mr. Fabulous the "king of the gnomes" whom she has met in her travels, and the guests of honor the heroes of Blacksword.  The garden must be in top shape, flowered garlands have to be put up, the food must be finished, so much to do!

Sau 11th
Adia's party in honor of the heroes of Blacksword.



            After a long conversation with Friar Larry at Castle Eagle, Sarissa travels to Baltburg and makes conversation with Father Godric, an emissary for the abbot of the friary of St. Mirabel at Marchburg.   Sarissa travels to Mrchburg and is initiated into the Order of St. Mirabel as a novice.   Her progress is considered considerable and soon she is given the chance to become a full sister of the order.  She is told to travel forth and convert one unbeliever to Bor, save one of the oppressed from oppression and help one of the wretched to safety and security, tell her tale to the Abbot and be welcomed as a full member.



Whitefire settles his 20 families as 10 sergeants and 10 yeomen.  He spends much time mysteriously creating magic items and learning spells.



Spends his time making potions and scrolls.


Angus “Mr. Fabulous” McNasty

            He spent 2 weeks making 14 wands of color spray, 13 of which he sold through Ragnar’s store.  He spent 40 days making potions of invisibility, 20 of which he sold through Ragnar’s store.  He then spends 2 days making a Hat of Disguise and 2 more making a Brooch of Shielding.   Finally he takes 5 days to make a Wand of Flaming Sphere (as 3rd level caster) for himself.  Total experience expended 1150; total profit 2094 gp; total time 43 days. 

            He then spends some time researching spells for his book.  He spends 750 gp to gain Dispel Magic.  He also spends 460 gp to get Continual Flame.

            Maintaining himself in the best inn with the best meals for three months costs Angus 225 gp.  He buries his own 20 invisibility potions in a safe place near Ludwig.


He ends the 3 months with 659 more gp but 1150 fewer exp than he started.