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Session 1: Wherein the heroes take on a mission to rid the area of bandits.

Session 2: Wherein the heroes survive a brutal ambush and discover the lair of the bandits.

Session 3: Wherein the heroes rid the Baltburg road of bandits.

Session 4: Wherein the heroes save the Count of Storm Eagle from (permanent) death.

Session 5: Wherein two heroes empty the caverns beneath Blacksword.

Session 6: Wherein Sir Malakai takes his leave of Blacksword and the heroes explore some ruins of the ancient serpent people.

Session 7: Wherein Whitefire earns his monicker of "demonslayer" by slaying the half-fiend Grudgegore.

Session 8: Wherein the heroes enter the chapel perilous to destroy the plans of Nargax the Terrible.

Session 9: Wherin the heroes find a vortex of evil and learn that all meats are not what they seem.

Session 10: Wherein the heroes delve beneath the serpent tower and find a curious mirror.

Session 11: Wherein the heroes explore the old wood to the West of Blacksword, and make a dire enemy.

Session 12: Wherein the heroes fight to liberate Blacksword.

Session 13: Wherein the heroes experience the pagentry of the Spring Equinox, venture to the Seer's Tower in search of an answer, and lose a friend.

Session 14: Wherein the heroes fight to save Ludwig and Blacksword from a combined force of feaster cultists and Druids.

Session 15: Wherein the heroes learn the secret of Heathton, and foil one cultist's plans for revenge.

Session 16: Wherein the heroes discover a gathering of evil humanoids, and struggle against a true avatar of the Feaster.

Session 17: Wherein the heroes aid Count Edmund in fighting off the hordes of Gormak by liberating High Chapel.

Session 18: Wherein the heroes fight and defeat Horgo the demon bear, and a pretender to Storm Eagle County is removed.

Interlude 18: Wherein the heroes take advantage of a much needed break from adventuring.

Session 19: Wherein the heroes return from a party, listen to a lucrative proposal, and rid the Old Wood of druids once and for all.

Session 20: Wherein the heroes learn just how hard it is to slay a dragon.

Session 21: Wherein the heroes become officers of the church, and find a royal guilty of heresy.

Session 22: Wherein the heroes encounter a four-foot talking porcupine and venture into "The Pit of Madness and Despair".

Session 23: Wherein the heroes escape "The Pit of Madness and Despair".

Session 24: Wherein the heroes venture into the Melvek Wilds in order to save some Dwarven settlements from the Army of the Black Plague.

Session 25: Wherein the heroes build an army of stumpy followers of thier own to attack the Black Plague and experience the discomfort of a plague of stinging insects at their own hand.

Session 26: Wherein the heroes defeat the Black Plague, say farewell to a dear friend, and begin the search for another.

Session 27: Wherein the heroes free Adia Clearbreeze from her Serpent captors.

Session 28: Wherein Gabriel adventures alone in Storm Eagle county and discovers the quiet man's secret.

Session 29: Wherein the heroes are attacked by Goldhaft and feel the true wrath of Bor.

Session 30: Wherein the heroes uncover the secret role of the Church of Bor in the politics of the Empire of the Seven Swords.

Interlude 30: Wherein several the heroes take an extended break from adventuring with the expectation that they will meet again in ten years' time.

Session 31: Wherein the heroes are reunited, a new hero is introduced, and the heroes struggle to find the Citadel of Eternity in order to prevent Whitefire from setting off the Apocalypse in the past.

Session 32: Wherein the heroes venture into the Citadel of Eternity in search of a pathway to the past.

Session 33: Wherein the heroes solve several of the puzzles of the Citadel, and meet their match against a single wizard.

Session 34: Wherein the heroes stop the Apocalypse at the Acropolis of Eternity.

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