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Session/Game: Marches 3e #21              Date: June 10, 2001


Campaign Date:  Rep 9 – Quoct 9, Imperial Year 469



Kronin, dwarf, fighter-10/ dwarven defender-2, LG  Dave Hanley

Angus “Mr Fabulous” McNasty, gnome, illusionist-8, CN Dave Nelson

Sarissa Lin, human, monk, level 8, LN, Charles Tillinghast

Gabriel Leadfoot, halfling thief –6/ ranger -1, NG, Mike Miller

Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-10, CN Charles Fleurie

            Brother Frankie, cleric level 5, LN, cohort

Rannos, human fighter, level 11, CG, Bob LaForge

Sir Ostler, human, cleric, LN, level 9, Joe Fryar



Rep 9 – Rep 30

The heroes attend to various matters following the death of the green dragon, deciding to all rejoin for the Autmn Equinox festival at Blacksword.  Ostler makes preparations to build his monastery within the Old Wood and does his best to make sure the elves of the wood can survive the Winter.  Both Mr. Fabulous and Whitefire make visits to Countess Flavia, but only Angus is fabulous enough to persuade Flavia to give him the feif of Heathton.  Gabriel and Sarissa check up on several places within Storm Eagle county including the dragon’s lair and Stormburg.  Kronin does some smithing.  Both Rannos and Whitefire collect their taxes from their loyal servants and Brother Frankie prepares for the festival. 


Quoct 1

The Autmn Equinox festival starts at first light, and is a long, somber ceremony in the chapel presided over by Brother Frankie.  Many were bored and Rannos could be heard snoring at one point.  Angus, on the other hand, was a model participant with his eyes continually glued to all of Frankie’s actions.  Following the ceremony, the party starts.  The heroes reward themselves for a year of doing Bor’s work and remember fallen heroes like Issac and Garl. 


The revelry is interrupted by the arrival of Mother Superior Gleeza and her three inquisitor bodyguards.  Sarissa chats with Sir Wallace, one of Gleeza’s more caring assistants while she offers the heroes the titles of “Deputy Inquisitor” and delivers a message to Ostler from Archbishop Daas.  Mr. Fabulous offers Gleeza and her companions a place to rest in the church overnight and the heroes sleep on the offer. 


Quoct 2

The heroes take the offer.  Ostler informs the heroes about the message from Archbishop Daas that asks them to travel to Mant to investigate whether the Count there is guilty of heresy or not.  The heroes say farewell to Gleeza and Wallace and make preparations for their trip.


Quoct 3

The heroes travel to Baltburg, where they employ a riverboat to take them downriver to Mant. 


Quoct 4

Along the way, the heroes pass a toll blockade set up by soldiers loyal to Goldhaft.  The blockade is manned by three particularly large hill giants as well.  As the heroes pass, they attack the giants manning the blockade.  During the attack, Sarissa kills three soldiers on the shore in a frenzied fury of fists and feet and Angus creates an illusion of Mother Superior Gleeza flying around and raining hot, flaming death on the blockade barracks.  Two giants are also defeated, but the last giant escapes, permanently polymorphed into a toad.  Sarissa takes a soldier captive, and he reveals that he was under the command of Sir Tarpon who managed to enlist the help of the giants.  He mentioned Sir Richard of Goldhaft had visited as well.  The heroes let him go free once they had asked their questions.


Quoct 5

The heroes arrive in Mant and ask for an audience with Broderick, the count of Mant.  Broderick reveals again that he is not the hereditary ruler of Mant and that he was chosen by the former Count over Gunther, the former count’s flesh and blood.  Broderick discusses Goldhaft with the heroes, and Broderick’s cannon priest, Father Juiceman tells Broderick that the heroes are in fact on a mission for the Inquisiton.  Broderick won’t hear any of what Juiceman has to tell him and insists that the heroes stay for dinner.  During dinner, Gabriel excuses himself and starts exploring the manor house.  He finds druidic artifacts lying in plain sight in the library.  Gabriel also catches a sight of the quiet man in the shadows.  Gabriel takes a glance at the quiet man and runs.  Later after dinner, all the heroes return to the library to collect the druidic items only to find the quiet man gone.  However, on checking the heroes do turn up a serious offense to the church, The Meditations of Stygian the Euthanatos.  The heroes immediately decide to apprehend Broderick only to find him waiting for them in ambush.  An extended melee develops between Broderick and his formerly shape-changed lizardman cohorts.  However, an inspired move by Sarissa to flank the evil Count and a well-placed stunning blow kept the heathen from escaping and allowed the crusaders of Blacksword to prevail. 


The heroes clean up the traces of paganism in order to present it to the Archbishop as proof of guilt on the Count’s part.  The constable is summoned and put in temporary stewardship of the County.  Cannon priests of Bor arrive to attend to the party’s wounds.


Quoct 6-7

The party hires another riverboat to travel up the Great Mant river to visit Archbishop Daas.  After an extended wait, Daas finally has the time to see the adventureres.  Daas greets the party, although a bit coldly, and is pleased with the evidence.  He has the the heroes destroy all the cultist artifacts.  He then asks for a servant to bring out the heroes’ reward – 10% of the property belonging to Count Broderick.  A little smalltalk ensues, and just as the players begin to ask Archbishop Daas about the quiet man, that very same unspeaking man in the ceremonial armor of Bor enters the room with the heroes’ gold.  Daas is surprised to find that the characters know the quiet man, then insulted that they don’t seem to take his word that his servant has been at his side each and every day for the past three months.  Daas rudely ends the interview.