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Session/Game: †††††† Marches 3e #9††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Date: 12/3/2000


Campaign Date: Odec 27th 468 IY ĖZan 17th 469 IY



Whitefire, human, rogue-1/ wizard-4, CN, Chuck Fleurie

Ragnar, human rogue-6, CG, Shaun Sipple

Kronin, dwarf, fighter-6, LN, Dave Hanley

Rannos, human, fighter-5, CG, Bob LaForge

Ostler, human cleric-4, LN, Joe Fryer

Meenar, and Mynar, human, warrior-3, N, hirelings



Odec 27th

††††††††††† After a brief rest in their home base, Kronin, Ragnar, Whitefire, Rannos and Ostler chose Garl to stay behind to watch the fort, since Bayne had seemingly wandered off into the woods to frolic with his druid friends again..They set off for Baltburg once again.


Odec 28th-29th

††††††††††† The party rode to Baltburg and spent a few days making purchases.Rannos ordered a fine suit of plate armor, Whitefire bought some alchemist fire and tanglefoot bags from Blorgo and Ulrik..Ostler arranged for some more potions and holy water from the bishop.The bishop also urged the party to return to the ruins and clear out the ancient shrine.He promised Ostler that he would knight him upon his return if they were successful.


Odec 30th

††††††††††† Party rides to Ludwig.That night the drunken trapper Snidley let it slip that his drinking buddy was none other that Silas Monk, dealer in questionable meats.†† The party closed in on Silas, captured him and turned him over to the Master of Ludwig.The Master was only prevented from having a quick hanging by the intervention of his daughter Aemelia.


Zan 1st469

††††††††††† The party rides south from Ludwig at first light.They reach the brigand for tin the wilderness just before night and set up camp.During the night, the owl Petey, notices that a band of undead zombies is vomited forth from the evil vortex.


Zan 2nd

††††††††††† Returning to the Chapel Perilous, they find that the remaining cultists have gone, but have left several unholy guardians behind.The party is stymied by three Tyrantfog Zombies guarding the first hallway in the basement level.Largely due to Ragnarís magic dagger they finally slay the zombies, but have received serious wounds and depletion of spells, so they return to their temporary hideout.


Zan 3rd

††††††††††† Party rests in brigand fort.


Zan 4th

††††††††††† Party returns to Chapel Perilous and fights 6 more Tyrantfog Zombies.This time they are prepared by Ostlerís divine magic and slay all six much more easily .Moving forward they find a group of 6 dretch demons, who drive the adventurers off using darkness and stinking cloud spells.Taking another passage they find some abandoned rooms, one of which was the former cult treasury, others which were prisons.In one of the prisons they found a small magic drum.Down a further hall they were attacked by a mysterious creature cloaked by magic darkness.Whitefire and Ostler each summoned a Lemure devil who could see in the darkness and who slew the creature.Searching beyond, Rannos and Ragnar found and slew 6 other Lemures (coincidentally) sealed in one room.

††††††††††† The party then took another crack at the Dretch demons.Rannos kept falling victim to stinking clouds, but Kronin waded into the demon even in the magic darkness they summoned.Ragnar did his part as well, and the Web spell cast by Whitefire aided the cause immensely.The demons were eventually all slain.†† The next room saw the party attacked by a hideous creature of chaos, the very image of the Feaster itself, aGibbering Mouther, whose foul gibbering and explosive spittle confused and blinded various members of the group.Its foul blood-sucking mouths nearly drained every drop of blood from Ragnarís body, but the beast was at last killed.

††††††††††† Pressing forward, with Ragnar limping along in the rear the party opened one more chamber and were attacked by 3 summoned Fiendish Dire Apes, foul gorillas of hell.†† One nearly tore Rannos limb from limb, knocking him out of the fight twice, but thanks to Ostlerís holy healing he kept fighting.Despite grievous wounds the party prevailed but fled out of the chapel.


Zan 5th-6th

††††††††††† Party rests in brigand fort while Ostler summons magic healing to restore Ragnarís blood loss and heal Rannos.


Zan 7th

††††††††††† Party returns to the Chapel, discovers a secret room containing lost treasure from the days when it was a Church of Bor.Taking these hallowed things they leave the Chapel.


Zan 8th

††††††††††† Party returns to Ludwig


Zan 9th

††††††††††† Party rides to Baltburg


Zan 10th-17th

††††††††††† Party spends a week resting and conducting business in Baltburg.†† Kronin orders some armor.Ostler is knighted by the bishop, becoming a full knight of St Hugo.Whitefire does some magical research and creation.Ragnar renews his late fatherís merchant guild license, joining the guild himself and putting down 1500 gp on a factorís warehouse, financing the rest of the 2500for 100 gp per month for 12 months.Since their one-month contract is up, Meenar and Mynar depart, free from perilous horse-guarding duties.