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Session/Game: Marches 3e #23                                                            Date: July 22, 2001


Campaign Date: Quoct 14th, 469 IY



Kronin, dwarf, fighter-10/ dwarven defender-2, LG  Dave Hanley

Sarissa Lin, human, monk, level 9, LN, Charles Tillinghast

Gabriel Leadfoot, halfling rogue 6/ ranger-1, NG, Mike Miller

Sir Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-10, CN Charles Fleurie

            Brother Frankie, cleric level 5, LN, cohort

Sir Ostler, human, cleric, LN, level 9, Joe Fryar

Galliard, human barbarian-2/bard-5, CG, Andrew Smith



“Rannos, don’t touch it!” screamed Brother Frankie, as Sir Rannos touched the floating red vortex and was magically whisked away.  The rest of the party were apprehensive at losing the power of Rannos’ s great axe while trapped in the “Pit of Madness and Despair” but were determined to trudge forward to find the way home.

            First they found a nasty garbage pit and slew the huge freaking Otyugh dwelling therein.  While most of the party wanted to move on, Gabriel convinced them to stay and dissect the creature and search the pit.  About 5 minutes later 5 chaos beasts appeared, materializing through the walls.  Gabriel, Whitefire and Sarissa fled immediately leaving Galliard to be overwhelmed by three of the beasts.  The master of the Pit, Vuul, the gray slaad, also appeared to support the otyugh, but quickly withdrew.  The party rallied and killed all 5 beasts, but not before both Galliard and Sarissa were infected by the dreaded Corporeal Instability of the Chaos Beasts.  After several divinations, the party decided the only way to save Galliard and Sarissa from becoming chaos beasts themselves was to kill them and use Ostler’s Raise Dead scrolls to restore them.  This they did.

            They then looted a storeroom containing gold, silver and other mundane items.  Then they found a room full of nasty vats, a window unto the plane in which the Pit was located and a bound Vrok demon, whom they slew.  They soon discovered that anytime they tried to rest for more than 5 minutes a pile of Chaos Beasts would begin to materialize.  Searching ever onward for a way out, they found a room filled with 2 chests a rug and tapestry.  They sent Gabriel to open the chests, but all four items in the room turned out to be Mimics.  The party slew the mimics, but not before they had killed Gabriel, smashing him into bloody pulp.  Sir Ostler was unable to raise Gabriel because he lacked the scrolls or prepared spells.

         Moving forward, they found and despoiled the sleeping chamber of Vuul, and then found the magic circle, which led to freedom., but they lacked the magic words to activate the circle.  So, off into the unknown again they traveled. Sarissa was deceived by an illusionary demon and fell into a fire, pit, but leaped to safety with relatively moderate burns. They discovered Vuul’s treasure room and used a summoned Dire Ape to open the chests.  Within they found several treasures, including a scroll of Raise Dead, which they used to revive Gabriel.  They were, however, attacked again by Vuul’s magic, but Vuul escaped.  

            Arriving at the magic circle, they found it guarded by Vuul and his 5 extra-large fiendish Owlbears.  After a stubborn fight, the owlbears were slain, Vuul escaped and the party entered the magic circle to return again to the City of Weston.