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Session/Game: Marches 3e #17                                                Date: 4/22/01


Campaign Date: Wap 24th—Wap 29th  year 469



Kronin, dwarf, fighter, level 10, LG  Dave Hanley

            Saurjack, dwarf, warrior-1, N, hireling

Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-9, CN Charles Fleurie

            Brother Frankie, cleric level 5, LN, cohort

            Louis the herald, expert, level 1, N, follower

Sir Rannos, human fighter, level 10, CG, Bob LaForge

            Melvin of Stinktown, human, lackey, commoner-1, N, hireling

Ragnar, human rogue level 10, CG Shaun Sipple

Lady Adia Clearbreeze, high-elf, aristocrat-1/sorcerer-6, NG, Andrew Smith

            Sir Bador High-Oak, high elf, fighter, level 4, LN, cohort

            Dundarr (a.ka. Billy Idol), wood elf, barbarian, CN, level 6, cohort

Hickey, high-elf, warrior-1, CG, follower

            Fell, high elf, warrior-1, CG, follower

Sir Ostler, human, cleric, LN, level 8, Joe Fryar

Sarissa Lin, human, monk, LN, level 6, Charles Tillinghast



Wap the 24th

            Fearing to wake the Mysterious Whitefire who was staying in the manor house, Sir Malcolm of Old Fort’s wife Clementia burst into the Two-Pipe Inn where the adventurers were resting.  She shouted out that a parcel of halflings militia from Stormburg were outside the walls being chased by some bugbears.  Kronin, Sir Rannos, Ragnar, Sir Ostler, Sir Bador and Lady Adia immediately rushed from the Old Fort gate to their aid, helped by a strange traveler from parts unknown, who called herself Sarissa.

            The party arrives in time to cut the bugbears off from the hilltop where the halflings were making a stand.  They saw that the halflings were being led by a traveling wood-elf named Dundaar, with whom Lady Adia was immediately enraptured.  After a quick, but deadly fight the bugbear shock troopers were all killed, and the supporting bugbear warriors were killed or driven off.  The bugbear sorcerer leader also escaped invisibly.  The halflings were escorted safely into the town. Sir Bador was enraged with jealousy about the attention Adia was paying to Dundarr. 

            That evening a party of soldiers led by Sir Richard Stercorius, the brother-in-law of Count Edmund, and younger son of the Baron of Goldhaft, arrived at the gates.  He was introduced to the noble and gentle members of the party (Sir Ostler, Lady Adia, Sir Bador, Whitefire and Sir Rannos) at a dinner party at the Old Fort manor house, at which much whacking of lackeys occurred.


Wap the 25th

            Whitefire, Sir Rannos, Sir Ostler, Lady Adia, Dundarr, Kronin, all rode off with great haste to Center Tower to meet with Count Edmund.  Sarissa and Ragnar stayed behind a day in Old Fort.  Surprisingly, Sir Bador, in a fit of jealousy, renounced his fealty to House Elfwind and swore himself to the household of Sir Richard, accompanying him on the march to Center Tower.  Sir Richard and his soldiers marched to Bridgeton, unable to reach Count Edmund due to the slowing effect of the foot soldiers.

            Count Edmund revealed that the “Followers of the Suffering Dwarf”, a band of orcs, were besieging the Abbey of High Chapel, where Bishop Dumbric was.  Also, the Bloody Bear band of Bugbears were holding West Tower and the West country, and these were led or accompanied by some hideous bear or dragon or demon which proved thus far invincible.  A column of orcs and hill giants were besieging  Sir Raynard in East Tower. 

            The Count welcomed the arrival of Whitefire with noticeable relief.  He asked him to lead his forces to attack the orc army at High Chapel, freeing him to take all his cavalry to relieve Sir Raynard, his strongest vassal.   Once Sir Richard arrived, all their combined knights and light horse could swiftly ride East, while all the infantry could hold Center Tower.  If Whitefire could defeat one enemy force, the Count could save the whole situation.


Wap 26th

            Sarissa, Ragnar and Sir Richard’s party arrived at Center Tower.


Wap 27th

            Whitefire, Sir Ostler, Sir Rannos, Lady Adia, Dundarr, Kronin, Brother Frankie, Ragnar and Sarissa set out to relieve White Chapel.  Several miles out Ragnar discovers a band of “Suffering Dwarf” orcs guarding the approach.  With fireball barrages softening the way, they kill the 15 orc barbarian shock troopers and 6 orc rogues without great difficulty.

            Soon they reach the site of the besieging force and make a bold, but ill-planned frontal assault against 2 orc barbarian companies, 1 company of elite warriors and 1 company of rogue archers, all led by 2 priests, a sorcerer and a war chief.  When the orc sorcerer drops a fireball onto the party, one of the orc priests counter-spells Whitefire’s fireball and Dundarr is slain by orc troops, the party flees in terror.


Wap 28th

            The party rests and regroups in the wilderness as Lady Adia mourns her loss.


Wap 29th

            After developing an intricate plan involving summoning a Hound Archon, making Ragnar and Kronin “improved invisible” and silenced and sneaking them in against the orc spell casters, the party attacks again.  This time the two orc barbarian companies, the war chief, the priests, and the sorcerer are all killed and the warriors and rogues are driven off, with no losses to our heroes.

            The Abbey of White Chapel is relieved, and the remaining 200 orc dirt bags flee in terror back to raider country.  Sir Ostler, however, had made an ill-considered bargain with the summoned Hound Archon (who was only mildly useful as it turns out) by which all booty from the battle was to be turned over to the Church of Bor.  The party rescued Kurdich, the Suffering Dwarf, a dwarven defender of great renown who had been kept alive strapped to a pole as the orc tribe’s battle standard.  Also they found Dundarr’s head stuck on a pike staff on the battle field, his body having been eaten.  Perhaps the orcs just couldn’t bear to destroy that beautiful hair.