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330 Birth and Appearance of Shef Greenshield
350 Shef leads his folk from Asclings to the Grumbol-Lands of the North East
353 Birth of Wjulf Shefson
362 Shef defeats the last stronghold of the Grumbol-Lord
363 Birth of Garmund Shefson
365 Death of Shef
366-380 First Kin-Strife among Shef’s sons begins
375 Birth of Harald
381 accession of Wjulf the Good as High King
399 Harald becomes first Hersir of Axeburg
400 Birth of Guthmund Garmundson
405 Birth of Gunther Haraldson
406 Death of Wjulf the Good
407 Second Kin-Strife Begins
410 End of Second Kin-Strife, realm permanently shattered
412 Guthmund declared the first of the Kings of the Tuskriders
417 Birth of Borvald the Old
425 Birth of Sighvat the Terrible
428 Rathgar “Bloodheels” Guntherson born
433 Death of Harald, Gunther becomes Hersir of Axeburg
435 Hilda born
441 Gerda born, Askir the Dog born
445 Rathgar becomes Hersir of Axeburg, marries Irmengarde
450 Wulf Rathgarson born, Irmengarde dies in childbirth
454 Rathgar marries Hilda
455 Rathgar marries Gerda
465 death of Guthmund, Radmund becomes second Tuskrider king
472 Sighvat becomes Jarl of Sutherland, unleashes Troll Cow
480 Campaign Begins
481 Grundi son of Rathgar perishes; Othere son of Rathgar marries Wilma
482 Othere and Wilma announce the birth of their daughter; Sons of Rathgar attack Smirkenburg
483 Erkenvald, son of Borvald dies at the hands of Fhorgeir of Jarlsburg;
484 The sons of Rathgar recover the lost "Treasure of Floki,"; Bormund takes up the Sword of the Tuskriders
485 Wulf son of Rathgar perishes; Rathgar banished from Axeburg; Einar, son of Rathgar mates with a serpent female
486 The sons of Rathgar destroy the monks of the Valley of the Swirling Winds...OF DEATH
487 Edvald, son of Rathgar is slain; Einar marries Alfgard, the Celestial Bride
488 The sons of Rathgar raid the Tilgash coast

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