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Session 1: "Its All About the Beer"
Wherein the untested heroes of Axeburg raid the Eldax town of Smerkenburg to provide their chief with beer.

Session 2: "Do Skrallings Crap In Zeevood?"
Wherein the heroes of Axeburg rid the Zeevood of a dire skralling infestation.

Session 3: "Holy Cow" or "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing twice"
Wherein the brave heroes of Axeburg see firsthand the power of their tyrant Jarl and decide to raid the Eldax town of Smerkenburg once again.

Session 4: "Harr sees through such base lawyer-talk"
Wherein the heroes venture into the dark of the Eldax forest to attack the seat of the Eldax Elves' power.

Session 5: "For Whom the Bell Trolls"
Wherein the heroes save Axeburg from a dire plague and lose a friend.

Session 6: "Jarls, Messengers, Ormsburgers and other Yerks"
Wherein the heroes engage in a bloody battle at the Jarl's request.

Session 7: "Buggers, Furry Lizards and One Dead Stumpy"
Wherein the heroes recover the lost "Treasure of Floki," which lay beneath the Tower of McGarrigle.

Session 8: "When In Doubt, Attack Smirkenburg"
Wherein the heroes take a break from their investigation of once-friendly Axeburgers found brutally slain by one another in bloody orgies of death to beat up on some halflings.

Session 9: "Coal-Chewers No More"
Wherein the heroes rid Axeburg of Rathgar and Wulf.

Session 10: "Smoke on the Water"
Wherein the heroes engage in piracy and kidnapping on the high seas.

Session 11: "Monk in a Box"
Wherein the heroes fight against the witchcraft of the Monks of the Guiding Light, repel an army of High Elves, and Othere gains the monicker of "the butcher".

Session 12: "How Gudwig Got His Spine(s) Back"
Wherein the heroes venture beneath a secret tower in the doom hills in order to secure sure guide to the Valley of the Swirling Winds...OF DEATH.

Session 13: "How Bloody Was My Valley"
Wherein the heroes start their journey into the Valley of the Swirling Winds...OF DEATH.

Session 14: "Soar Like A Blood Eagle"
Wherein Grimbold fufills his boast to bloodeagle a dozen members of the monks of the Valley of the Swirling Winds...OF DEATH.

Session 15: "Total Party Kill"
Wherein the whim of the gods brings doom upon Axeburg in the form of a killer storm, earthquakes, polar worms, and a party of Drastin.

Session 16: "Behold, We Bring a Boatload of Cheese"
Wherein the heroes seek to defeat the power behind the Jarl by seeking out the secrets within the Tower of Black Flame.

Session 17: "Centipedes sense cowardice like stink on a monkey"
Wherein the heroes battle the Cult of the Crawling Death to gain access to the Crypt of Guthmund the Tall.

Session 18: "Slay them my Spiny Brothers"
Wherein the heroes make a startling discovery based on the cosmology of Caedes, and a prophecy is fulfilled.

Session 19: "The Ball and Chain of Guthlac"
Wherein Einar leads a raid on the Tilgash coastline to prove his heroism to his new bride.

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