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  • Fulton Horizons Limited is the name of the company formed by Robert Fulton and Robert Livingston that eventually was given a mandate by the US Government to create defenses against the super-powerful and paranormal.
  • Voltaire's Zombie Amplifier: the French philosopher Voltaire invented an amplification device that allowed the creation of Zombies with free will and memories of their former lives. These zombies are similar to the Liche monster listed in the rulebook, except they do not necessarily have spell powers. The whereabouts of the zombie amplifier is unknown, but it has been documented to have been used to reanimate John Wilkes Booth, George Armstrong Custer, Adalai Stevenson, and John Lennon over the years. Many supervillians believe that the device was captured by Philo Livingston of Fulton Horizons, but this has never been proven. It looks like a coffin composed of an unidentified type of stone. On one side is a matrix that requires the insertion of 9 different gem stones, which are consumed in the reanimation process. The device, with the desired corpse inside it, must be jolted with a large amount of either natural or artificially produced electricty to activate.
  • Lunars: The name given for the grey aliens who were found inhabiting the caverns in the moon.
  • Martians: The name given to the little green aliens who were found inhabiting Mars. Also called ak-aks.
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