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 +Badaxe Jack is a Dwarven Craft-Lord who calls himself '​Badaxe Jack', a former adventurer and son of Stingy Jack, the Vaultlord of Stingy Jack's Freehold (a less lively vault located roughly in the middle of the Badlands). ​  ​Badaxe Jack is one viciously vindictive dwarf. Crossing him by abusing his trust or good humor, can have dire consequences far beyond what would be considered just, fair, sane, rational, or cost effective.
 +For example, Badaxe Jack was once a famous inhabitant of Portchester until racial tensions forced the dwarves to leave. ​ Badaxe Jack's crew was enthusiastically being invited to leave town at the end of large, angry mob's supply of pitchforks and torches. Perhaps words were exchanged, and more than a few hurled rocks. Just as a larger, more organized group of armed people were preparing to start battering down the gates, Badaxe took one last, lingering look at this freaking sweat urban fortress he had JUST finished paying for, paused briefly to hurl several loud insults to the crowd, before pulling the lever which activated the large assortment of traps in the buildings and on the grounds, then proceeded to march downstairs to the secret tunnel out to the underways along with everything his hirelings and henchmen could carry. His old house still stands relatively untouched within the city.  ​
 +Badaxe Jack went on to found the realm of Badaxe Hold.  Badaxe Hold is a small dwarven vault located roughly halfway between Boscovania and Bastardville,​ in the hills along the river. ​
 +Badaxe Hold maintains friendly relations with Stingy Jack's Freehold and Boscovania, warm relations with Portchester and the smaller towns/​villages in the northern badlands, and strictly business relations with Bastardville. Anybody associating with orcs (half-orcs are judged on their individual behavior), goblins, undead, old ones, barrow elves and other known enemies of dwarves are made violently unwelcome in the area.
 +Badaxe Hold is notable mostly for the actions and policies of it's leader. Badaxe Jack provides significant benefits to the dwarves under his leadership, including free housing (in multiple refurbished mines under the vault), employment (every dwarf who can swing a pick can work in the mines in the area), medical care (clerical spells cast by the Badaxe himself or an under-priest or certain magic items), and provides affordable, quality weapons and armor to the populace. In addition, Badaxe is working hard to attract other dwarven craftsmen into the area. He provides workspace, and affordable tools, to mundane craftsmen (smiths, armorers, etc), and maintains a sizable workshop, and research library, for craft-priests or machinists. It is also worth mentioning that Badaxe Jack maintains a monopoly on the market for the buying and selling of gems and precious metals in his territory. ​
 +Badaxe Jack is a neutral traditional craft-priest,​ following the old traditions of the dwarven religion. However, he is not overtly opposed to the more lawful, Bor-inspired traditions of the new dwarven religion. Badaxe is more interested in building things, and improving the lives of his people, than participating in religious debates. ​
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