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Gatavia III

Gatavia III is the third campaign for the "Lords of Hack" set in the Province of Gatavia in the campaign world called Baldgarth. The first was called "Return of the Trolls" and used a D&D based homebrew system and culminated with Dengwur (Bob's sorcerer character) destroying the capital city of the province and plunging the province into chaos and darkness. The second, The Badlands, was an AD&D first edition campaign (with some modifications) set 200 years after the first. Here we saw a band of adventurers fighting the forces of chaos and dueling with Lucius Bastardo, the bandit king. Gatavia III takes up events 9 years afterwards. Two of the Badlands characters have small domains in the Badlands, and a new band of adventures seek to make their marks on the world.

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