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Bastardo is a crafty old bandit chief, originally coming from the Kingdom of Aetia to the Southeast. For the last 15 years or so he has led a band of raiders and plunders, founding the fortress and village of Bastardville in the Badlands.

His success and wealth comes from levelling tolls on all caravans that use the crumbling roads from Portchester to Orchester. He is cunning enough to squeeze without choking, and only sacks a caravan if it won't pay the toll. He also keeps a strong guard on the bridge that crosses to the Island of the Dead, both to keep the Dead from crossing and to charge a toll to adventurers who plunder the ruins. Finally, he extorts tribute from the various small human and halfling settlements in the Badlands.

Lucius Bastardo and his mage compatriot Mycroft the Magnificent were slain when the Skull Collectors attacked in retaliation.

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