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Collected here are various in-character Newspapers (such as the Boscovania News and Funk Report) that detail events from an in-game NPC perspective, and personal in-character journals of NPC's and PC's:

Boscovania News and Funk Report

#1 March 1430: Reaction to killing of Baldwulf and kidnapping of Athalwyn: the_boscovania_news_and_funk_report_1.pdf

#2 Early April 1430: Report concerning Spunky's Place: funk_report_2.pdf

#3 Mid-April 1430: Wizard Presfen kills Murkley, possibly rescues Osbertsons funk_report_3.pdf

#4 June 1430: Friendly Steve Killed funk_report_4.pdf

#5 January 1431: Father Ambrose's miraculous arrival funk_report_5.pdf

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