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Campaign Session Logs

Here are collected the logs for each game session of the Gatavia III campaign:

Log 1: Let's Get this Party Started gatavia_1.pdf

Log 2: Forethought, Deliberation and Clear Thinking Win the Day 3gatavia_2.pdf

Log 3: Everybody Goes to Spunky's 3gatavia_3.pdf

Log 4: Stop Dying, You Cowards! 3gatavia_4.pdf

Log 5: Gone Shopping? No, Gone Shopping 3gatavia_5.pdf

Log 6: Mangled Raven, Poisoned Lizard 3gatavia_6.pdf

Log 7: I Try to Run a Clean Dungeon 3gatavia_7.pdf

Log 8: Orc Killing 101 3gatavia_8.pdf

Log 9: Cleaning the Basement 3gatavia_9.pdf

Log 10: Biters, Biters everywhere session_10_log.pdf

Log 11: And Now, additions to the Wall session_11.pdf

Log 12: After the Big Evil Guy session_log_12.pdf

Log 13: Return to Which Mountain? Technically? 3gatavia_13.pdf

Log 14: Oh Shoot 3gatavia_14.pdft

Log 15: Escape from the Planet of the Tunnel Midgets 3gatavia_15.pdf

Log 16: Welcome to the Wight House 3gatavia_16.pdf

Log 17: Smirkenpit Side-trip 3gatavia_17.pdf

Log 18: Dis-armed by not Disarmed 3gatavia_18.pdf

Log 19: There's Always Room for Pudding 3gatavia_19.pdf

Log 20: Double the Crypts, Double the Level Drain 3gatavia_20.pdf

Log 21: Mega-Dungeon, Mega-Done 3gatavia_21.pdf

Log 22: Karmic Poison session_22_log.pdf

Log 23: Don't Let Tim make your Survival Roll session_23_log.pdf

Log 24: Pits of the Worm Meister 3gatavia_24.pdf

Log 25: Fall of Bastardville 3gativia_25.pdf

Log 26: Charge of the Worms 3gativia_26.pdf

Log 27: The Great Skull Collectors’ Caper gatavia_session_27.pdf

Log 28: Oh Elders, Fleet and Strong and Wise, Appear before my Seeking Eyes 3gatavia_28.pdf

Log 29: Out of the Pan Lo, into the Fire 3gatavia_29.pdf

Log 30: Split the Party 3gatavia_30.pdf

Log 31: Ain't No Party Like a Nixon Party 3gativia_31.pdf

Log 32: You may have the Blue Thingus, but we have a Giant Whang 3gatavia_32.pdf

Log 33: Totally Metal! 3gatavia_33.pdf

Log 34: The Pigs of Rageburg 3gatavia_34.pdf

Log 35: Conquering the Badlands 3gatavia_35.pdf

Log 36: Who is Going to Ride the Worm? 3gatavia_36.pdf

Log 37: Crab Gods are the Worst Kind of Gods 3gatavia_37.pdf

Log 38: Do Not Trifle With Admiral Rigelius 3gatavia_38.pdf

Log 39: Ruins of Rathrig 3gatavia_39.pdf

Log 40: Medieval Kinevil on a Rampage 3gatavia_40.pdf

Log 41: The Skull Collectors' Revenge 3gatavia_41.pdf

Log 42: Ghost Riders in the Sky 3gatavia_42docx.pdf

Log 43 You had that one thing we needed the entire time? session_43_log.pdf

Log 44 Ice and angels really, really hurt 3gatavia_44_log.pdf

Log 45 Archbishop Wardrick’s Last Stand 3gatavia_45.pdf

Log 46: Death Troopers are Dead 3gatavia_46.pdf

Log 47: Return to Skull Mountain 3gatavia_47.pdf

Log 48: Thus Striketh the Warlock 3gatavia_48.pdf

Log 49: The Michael Bay Distance 3gatavia_49.pdf

Log 50: The Battle of Mago's Tomb 3gatavia_50.pdf

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