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Dengwur was a sorcerer of Therkish ancestry who built a kingdom on the ruins of the Ardean Empire in Gatavia.

Adventuring Career: When the Augurs' Towers collapsed in the year 1218, Dengwur left the camp of his grandfather, the Khan of the Therks and traveled to the provincial capital of Noviodunum, accompanied by his bodyguard Parsnak. Here he established himself as a useful adventurer in the service of Julius Wulfgar (a Northron soldier in Ardean service). He slew a dragon, harried the Fosa-Gaut raiders, and made several forays against the Old Ones beneath “Deadman's Town”, culminating in the defeat of Horrible Cyrus, an Old Ones leader. All this time, Dengwur was merely biding his time. Finally, when Julius Wulfgar was in the process of mustering a large army at Noviodunum in order to set himself up as an independent king, Dengwur moved against him. First he infected the army muster with a deadly disease and turned its various components against each other, by the use of demons of plague and hatred. Then he summoned fierce demons of war and disease against the city of Noviodunum itself, devastating it utterly. He used an artifact (a gorgon mask) seized from Horrible Cyrus to turn Wulfgar to stone.

Establishing the Realm: First, when the plague died down in Noviodunum, he used his mercenaries and Therkish kin to loot the remains of the city. Then he used magic to raise a great army of the dead to further his will. For a brief time he was master of all Gatavia, slaughtering the royal families of the Therks, Caturiges and Haxmen and wiping out the last vestiges of the Imperial Administration. He moved the Therks from the eastern region to the region surrounding the old Army garrison, and put his faithful companion Parsnak in charge of the Therks as their new Khan.

War with the Old Ones But, Dengwur's opportunity had been engineered by the Old Ones, for their own benefit, not his. They soon struck with an army of Orcs. They were unable to destroy Dengwur, but merely started a war that has lasted over two centuries. Dengwur raised battalion after battalion of goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears. He supported these with skeletons, zombies and the Legion of the Damned. Yet, the war never had a decision. The Haxmen and Ardeans in Portus Nardo revolted and founded the Kingdom of Portchester and the Caturiges and Druids regained their independence. The City-State of Orchester ceased to pay tribute to Dengwur as well. Dengwur himself sunk deeper and deeper into sorcery and lust for vengeance and it was always the Old Ones he fixated on. The amazing thing was he never died. Despite being part of a wholly human bloodline, he ruled from 1219 until 1410.

Disappearance of Dengwur In 1410 AY, Dengwur led an army of goblins and the dead against the Old Ones, through the Fusk Woods. At a place where they had met before, the Old One's horde of Orcs met Dengwur's army in the 5th Battle of Fusk Crossing. Both armies were horribly battered and both were rendered disordered and out of control, with the forces fleeing into the forest. While most of the lost on both sides were accounted for in some way, no trace of Dengwur was ever found. His command tent (with his wardrobe) was found intact, but he himself had simply vanished. His most loyal followers, the Disciples of Invincible Dengwur, searched high and low and used every method of augury available. The answers were perplexing, Dengwur was dead, Dengwur was alive, Dengwur was here, Dengwur was gone. The Disciples all took a mighty oath to find and restore Dengwur and take vengeance on the Old Ones.

Dengwur Himself He was tall and gangly, with a long, black, whispy beard. He was curt and direct in speech. Most noticable was his love of fine clothing. He always was dressed in the most expensive and elaborate clothing possible. As an adventurer, he wardrobe rivalled an Imperial Commander. He was fond of being surrounded by the undead, and would have animated skeletons packed into crates and carted along with him when he went to towns where such beings would cause horror. He lived for a time at the Drunken Monkey Inn in Noviodunum, and then moved to a townhouse in Portus Nardo for some months. He then established his cavern-lair on the south side of the East Branch of the Patrona River. This lair eventually became the site of his massive tower and the fortress that became the headquarters of his empire. He had very little respect for his royal family, eventually killing his grandfather and other kin.

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