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Parsnak began life as a common warrior in the Therk tribe of nomads, settled in eastern Gatavia. His fortunes changed when the Khan of the tribe at the time ordered him to accompany his grandson Dengwur as a guard and companion.

Parsnak thus began a life of adventuring and conquest that led him to the rulership of his tribe. Parsnak felt overwhelmingly obligated to follow and protect Dengwur, bearing much respect for his Khan's orders. He joined in fighting a dragon, and defeating the Old One Horrible Cyrus. When Dengwur rose to become Overlord, Parsnak's service was richly rewarded as Dengwur made him new Khan of the Therks. His line has ruled the Therks ever since.

Parsnak had found the adventuring life in train to Dengwur difficult, since Parsnak could not speak Ardean or Northron, had to rely on Dengwur or hired translators for communication with most of the people he met. He himself loved nothing more than horses and hunting. He built a horse ranch a few miles from Dengwur's caverns, and built a hunting lodge in the Elf Wood nearest to Portus Nardo. He much preferred archery to hand to hand fighting, but would get his hands dirty at need.

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