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Baldgarth is a world which through its early eons was much like our own. Various species came to be and passed away during the long course of time. However, when civilizstion arose, there were two intellgient species vying for control. The first was a species of Serpent-Man (Serpens Rapax), and the other was an ancestor of Mankind (Homo Primus). In this first conflict, the Serpent-men discovered the power of sorcery and opened the gates to the forces of Chaos. From that point onward, the world has been a battle-ground between the native supernatural forces of the world (the so-called Pagan Gods and Elves, or the Neutral Alignment), and the interloping forces of Chaos (demons from the Abyss). Within the last Saeculum, or age of the world, however, a new force has arisen, the followers of a god from outside this world or the Abyss, Bor the Transcendent, patron of the Lawful alignment.

Geographically, Baldgarth is dominated by a single, long, twisting continent, in the shape of a dragon or sperpent. There are islands to both the east and west as well. The continent is dominated by various kingdoms of men, although many other races live on or under it.

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