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THE FIRST SAECULUM World inhabited by two intelligent races: a humanoid ancestor of men, of the Old Ones and of dwarves, who worship the pagan/neutral gods; and a race of reptilian monstrosities, who worship powerful dragon gods. The reptiles discover openings to the Abyss and summon the first demons, bringing the world to the attention of Chaos. The gods of the world intervene to overthrow the reptiles, using an army of elves from the Spirit World, many elves remain in the living world.

THE SECOND SAECULUM The Elves rule the world. Their civilization falls in a great civil war between forest and barrow elves. Men, Old Ones and Dwarves gradually rise as separate species in the shadow of the elves. The Barrow Elves use the old reptilian magics to create the first trollish races (trolls, ogres etc) which are demonic spirits in mortal bodies. The Old Ones join the Barrow Elf cause, steal their secrets and seize power for themselves.

THE THIRD SAECULUM The Old Ones rule the world. 5 powerful gods each sponsor a tribe of Men and lift them in knowledge and power. These gods and their patrons (using Ardean names) were: Mercury: the Northrons; Apollo: the Easterlings; Juno: the Southrons; Jupiter: the Centrales; and Minerva: the Westerlings. Under divine leadership, the tribes of Men overthrow the Old Ones and banish them beneath the earth. The Order of the Violet Lotus is founded on the Eastern portion of the continent.


-112: The Southron City of Querdesh is founded.

1 - The island city of Ardea is founded.

134—Querdesh begins relations with the Old Ones

310 - The Ardean Empire comes to prominence following several successful campaigns.

335—The Southron city of Querdesh destroyed by Ardeans, survivors become Zaharans.

722 – The Ardean Empire crowns its first Emperor.

753- Birth of Sarpedon, last of the 7 Prophet-Lawgivers who synthesized Southron religion with Centrales philosophy.

1098—The Orthodox Fane becomes sole legal religion in the Ardean Empire.

1218 - The Ardean Empire falls when all of the Augurs' Towers simultaneously collapse.

1219—The Sorcerer Dengwur destroys the city of Noviodunum by demonic magic.

1224 - The Order of Silver Stars is established in the tradition of an earlier knightly Order of the Silver Stars that existed during the rule of the Ardean Empire to preserve the magical knowledge of the Empire in the service of Law.

1225 - The Invincible Dengwur begins accepting evil sorcerers as his disciples.

1226—The endless war between Dengwur's Empire and the Old Ones of Urvotz begins

1230—Foundation of the Dual Kingdom of Portchester

1325 - The Great Revelation of the lawful church is occurs at Junzion, a deserted island in the Middle Sea.

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