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-Here, for your convenience,​ is a collection of Background Information documents, rules, and maps for the ACKS Gatavia III campaign. 
-__Setting Reference Document:​__ ​ information on history, languages, religions and peoples of the world 
-__Map Booklet:​__ ​ contains world map and key, Gatavia provine map, and some regional maps 
-__Quick Guide to Gatavia Province:__ maps and summary of regions: {{:​province_guide.pdf|}} 
-__Gear Book__: ​ a comprehensive shopping list for non-magical equiment of all sorts: ​ {{:​gatavia_gear.pdf|}} 
-__Magic and Monsters:​__ ​ a selection of new spells, magical orders and monsters {{:​book_of_magic_and_monsters.pdf|}} ​ 
-__Book of Custom Classes__: ​ a selection of 9 nine classes for the campaign: ​ {{:​class_book.pdf|}} 
-__Class Summary Sheet__: ​ a list of all available classes and some basic info on each: {{:​class_summary.pdf|}} ​ 
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