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 +**B-1  The Kingdom of Portchester**
 +Each district, called a Shire, ​ contains 800-1000 families, ruled over by a Reeve, who holds the Royal Fortress and supervises the garrison and militia. ​ The reeves are elected by the freemen of the shire from among the greater landholders,​ called the Thanes. ​ The five shires around the City of Portchester are ruled by the two kings (Osmund II and Thurbrand) and are called the Kings' Land.   The rest of the shires are grouped into sets of 5, each ruled by an Earl.    Most inhabitants are humans, but there is a significant number of Halflings as well.  Under Lake Demartus is a colony of Light Elves.  ​
 +The city of Portchester (formerly Portus Nardo) is ruled by a town council chaired by its bishop. ​ It is a class III Market and one of the hubs for trade in the province. ​ Bogtown, a village on the edge of the swamp, known for its iron-ore production, Haxhaven, for its ship-building and Hastings, for its agricultural processing, are the other major settlements,​ but aren't treated as separate markets.
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