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 +The Drake
 +The drake is an ancient vessel that predates the Ardeans. It is put together like a small longship with an amazing, otherworldly craftsmanship. ​ It has serpent-themed accents and its prow carries the snakes heads of five dragons. ​ It is 50’ long and can carry a crew of up to 60 sailors and a captain, 50 of which may row if there is no wind.  ​
 +Additionally,​ if the captain sacrifices 20 spell-levels of spells he may make The Drake fly at a tactical speed of 30’/round for a 12-hour period. ​ If the captain sacrifices 40 spell-levels they may make The Drake fly at four times that speed (120’/​round) over the same 12-hour period.  ​
 +The Drake includes braces to be put out so that it may set down on land without crash-landing.  ​
 +If The Drake’s captain perishes or leaves the ship for any reason, it will stop moving and slowly descend at a rate of 30’/round until it crash lands. ​ A crash landing may harm The Drake.
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