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 +**The Indigo Peddlar**
 +His real name is unknown, but he appears seemingly at random all over the Badlands. ​ He calls himself "The Peddlar"​ when asked, but is generally called the Indigo Peddlar by everyone else, since he wears indigo trousers and tunic, and his peddlar'​s wagon is painted indigo. ​  His wagon has wooden walls and a roof, with a door in the back.  He never allows anyone inside the wagon, but instead sets up a table behind the wagon and puts selected items for sale on the table. ​  His wares are always unusual, typically herbal conconctions,​ unusual beverages, and alchemical products of various sorts, but also things like treasure maps, trick weapons and the like.   He always wears a big floppy hat that shades his eyes, and has a short clipped beard and mustache.
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