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   * Magic/​Technology   * Magic/​Technology
   * Alliances (the Northrons don't necessarily like the Ardeans, and the Old Ones only tolerate the Necromancers and Warlocks)   * Alliances (the Northrons don't necessarily like the Ardeans, and the Old Ones only tolerate the Necromancers and Warlocks)
 +==== The Figures ====
 +Dave: Just working off the top of my head:
 +I know I have at least 120  Saxon infantry, plus some Saxon archers, and then 30-40 Gothic infantry, and 30 or more Gothic/​Lombard cavalry, and some 30 Frankish infantry. ​  These guys all are right for the Northrons, so I'd imagine we should have 2 Northron factions at least (it's also why the Spanish game was appealing to me, Visigoths, Vandals and Swabians would all use these guys).
 +I know I have more than 10 but less than 20 Huns, not enough for any real Easterling army.  I have a scattered number (20-30??) of Egyptian and Arabian infantry and 10-20 Carthagian Infantry, again I don't think I could really field a Southron army of any real sort.  But I may have more than I think.
 +For Romans, I have 12 super-heavy cavalry, 10 medium-ish cavalry, and 20 or so lightish cavalry, and  at least 60 infantry of various sorts (maybe quite a bit more), at least one solid army, maybe 2.
 +Of Picts and Irish, I think I have a dozen horse and at least 40 foot, maybe enough for a faction of Westerlings. ​  ​Perhaps they could be used in combination with the Huns and some  of my more generic barbarians to make up the Bastarnae.
 +Especially once I get my new stuff painted, I could probably field a solid generic medieval army of some sort (20 or so mounted knights, ​  15-20 long bows, a dozen crossbows, and a random assortment of dismounted knights and soldiers).
 +I honestly don't know how many Orcs I have.   I had 30 on the table 2 weeks ago, and that wasn't all of them.   ​Probably another 20 at least. ​  But, I know I have less than 20 Old Ones.   ​I'​ve got a decent number of skeletons and zombies too. 
 +I'd kind of like to avoid putting Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Giants, Dragons or Trolls on the table for this project. I'd like the game to be more of an ancients-surrogate game rather than a full-blown fantasy emulation.
 +I have a few bolt-shooters,​ and maybe a catapult or 2.  I could put two stone forts on the table. ​ I know I made some siege ladders at some point too.
 ===== What is at stake? ===== ===== What is at stake? =====
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