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 +The city of Querdesh, on the edge of the Zahar desert, was once the wealthiest and most powerful of the Southron nations. ​ The inhabitants had converse with a hidden city of Old Ones and learned powerful chaotic sorcery. ​ They then turned on the Old Ones and destroyed their refuge, seizing their magics for themselves. ​ Querdesh rendered most other Southron tribes tributary and then engaged in a great war with the Ardeans. ​ The Ardeans were triumphant and Querdesh was destroyed. ​ However, ​ many of the sorcerers of Querdesh had fled to refuges in the Zahar desert where they continued to practice their chaotic arts.  Today, the order of Zaharan ruinguards has crept across the world spreading chaos. ​ Because of their immersion in chaotic sorcery, Zaharans have changed in some fundamental ways and are no longer fully human, using their own racial classes, instead of human ones.  There is strong hatred between Zaharans and Ardeans, Dwarves and the Old Ones.  Zaharans are rare in Gatavia, and it is unlikely that most people would recognize a person as being a Zaharan, as opposed to a “foreigner” of some sort.
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