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Three-Sentence Backgrounds for PCs

  • Athalric of Tudrin:(Dave Nelson) Athalric is the third son of Baron Malcolm Tudrin, who owns a castle and manor on the eastern march of the County of Sunndi. Athalric's mother's (she is the Baron's second wife) kin originally came from Idee, and it seems that there are several properties in the northen wasteland of Idee that legally belong to the family still. Athalric's current ambition is to make money as part of one of the mercenary, adventuring or sailing companies of Irongate and mount an expedition to recover old family holdings. Athalric strives to be as “classy” as possible, showing chivalry and good manners whenever he can. However, when his House is threatened with real danger or the chance for real disgrace, he exhibits a pyschotic rage-filled mono-mania until the crisis has passed. He has an abiding hatred for Tieflings. I mean, just look at them, they're evil.
  • Brother Krodar: (Andrew) Raised in an orphanage, the closest person Krodar ever had to family was his mentor Father Dvaar. When he gained his majority, Krodar managed to be accepted into the monastery of the Mithril Anvil. Despite being an outsider, Krodar tries to make a name for himself despite being a half-elf in a Dwarven society. Flags for Krodar:
    • An arrogant Eladrin tries to wrest Krodar from his vows to recruit him for some sort of shady activity. He claims to be Krodar's father. How can Krodar know for sure?
    • Other Dwarves of the order make sport of Krodar. From the absurd tower emblem that he has embraced as his own device, to the teasing about having a dwarven name despite his obvious lack of heritage. Could one of those other brothers find jealousy in his heart when Krodar starts excelling in the affairs of Irongate?
  • Vladimir of Pelor: (Jason) Born to parents of modest means, Vladimir was indocrinated into the church of Pelor at a young age to make space back home for his brothers and sisters. Showing a good nature, an uncanny connection to the will of Pelor, and a propensity towards solving problems through violence, Vladimir was inducted into the battle priest branch of Pelor's priesthood. Allying himself with The Mighty Get 'Em Gang (a rising band of adventurers known for great, yet dubious, deeds), he works hard with the difficult job of keeping the gang working for the forces of good, or at least minimise their impact on innocent bystanders.

And thus Vladimir falls: After a devious ambush by a group of pirates traps the Mighty Get 'Em Gang in an undead-infested tomb, the gang struggles to fight it's way out of danger. Vladimir died keeping a horde of horrible phantoms from finishing off the already-heavily wounded rest of the Mighty Get 'Em Gang. His sacrifice slowed down the phantoms enough, that Smack 'Em and Wulfred managed to chase off the remaining undead. For his sacrifice, Vladimir was…stripped of all his valuables, and left to rot in the tomb. Kormack was right, you guys suck. Vladimir hates you guys…hates you guys so very, very much. If he wasn't such a devout priest of Pelor, Vladimir would come back to haunt the party.

  • Gleemok Hillchaser: (David C) Gleemok, son of Brigkod Windglider Cubsavior, has been sentenced to exile from his people, the Flame Bear Tribe, until he can “conquer and control the animal that resides within” himself. He does not like to discuss what he has done to warrant such a punishment, but never refuses to acknowledge that it is better than he deserves. His current goal, while he strives to control the beast within himself, is to collect the artifacts of Grecklom Swiftcharger Dragonslayer Tribeleader: at the same time taking every opportunity available to atone for his past.
  • Ebil Bastiche: (Jason) Ebil Bastiche is the eldest son of the warlord of a poor dwarf hold in the Abbor Alz mountains on the edge of the Bright Desert. Deciding that a lifetime of defending the clan's salt mines against nomads and scrub goblins less than desirable, Ebil instead left his clan (and clan name) behind him, heading to Hardby seeking more exciting work. Ebil immediately found work as a mercenary, and rapidly garnered a reputation for being reliable, discrete, and capable of whatever level of violence his employers require (who have included both the thieve's guild of Hardby and the Gynarch's office).
  • Ebil parlayed the moneys he collected (and favors garnered) into becoming the owner of 'The Silken Tickle' a sizable tavern right across the street from the wizard's guild of Hardby. This became his base of operations, until the Slave Lords invaded, and he refused service to a troop of their orc minions. During the ensuing battle, the bar was burned to the ground and Ebil just barely escaped with his life (and beard) intact. Since that time, he has engaged in a horribly blood-thirsty mission of vengeance against the slave lords, occasionally with the assistance of the guerilla resistance and at the direction of the Gynarch.
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