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The following rumors and legends are ciculating Irongate:

  • The Ghost of Dockside Billy stalks the streets of the Dock Distict, sucking on the blood of unwary children, halflings and kobolds.
  • The Iron Pool is deep beyond known measure, and there is a magical castle at the bottom, filled with enchanted beings
  • The Wizards' Guild has a teleportation circle in the basement that leads straight to hell.
  • Lord Mayor Aurelian received his treasures from some Eladrin from the Feywild
  • Lord Mayor Aurelian won a huge treasure from beneath the ruins of Smirkenburg Castle in the Headlands to the west, and there is much more gold to be found there.
  • The Holy Censor of Medegia has proposed an alliance with the Mayor against the South Province, his price, however, is the expulsion of Bahamut and Moradin from the City Temple, leaving Erathis as the only diety worshipped there.
  • The Herzog of Ahlissa demands a soup of blood for his dinner every night
  • The Herzog of Ahlissa has a new wizard advisor, who had got him all stoked up.
  • The Greenthorn Hillmen in Onnwal are about to start a major “war” against their neighbor Grand Baron Puntley the Invincible over the control of tolls and the Smirkenburg ruins.
  • The best ale in the area is brewed at a creepy tavern up in the Onnwal Headlands.
  • Never buy anything from Greenthorn Hillmen using gold pieces, they only use silver and copper, and think those coins are worth double their real value.
  • The Count of Sunndi is plotting to seize Idee and become King of the South
  • Since the foreign merchant princess Aisha ibn Ermina has set up her trading company in Irongate, there have been rumors of mysterious disappearances in Irongate.
  • Some mariners say the Sea of Gearnat is once again plagued by the Gilded Pirates, known nearly fifty years ago for flying yellow-colored sails as they overtake their quarry.
  • Aisha ibn Ermina is Dockside Billy's demon lover come to town for revenge.
  • The Devil ownes a magic tavern that flies around the world.
  • Aisha ibn Ermina wears a veil to hide her horribly disfigured face.
  • The Herzog of Ahlissa has crucified several dwarves recently. He complains, whenever he is in Zelradton, that the insufferable pounding of the dwarves in the Iron Hills keeps him up at night.
  • Locals tell of a legend in which a tiny juvenile dragon named Snekem is challenged to a drinking contest by the demon lord Jubilex. The wager was a cask of the finest ale ever against the dragon's immortal soul. After forty days and forty nights the contest ended. Jubilex was permanently reduced from a mighty-thewed axe-wielding monster to a seeping heap of protoplasmic mess, while the now monstrous dragon gained the ability to breathe poison gas from drinking the ale.
  • A dwarven fortress has been discovered filled with treasures for anybody who can find it.
  • The goblinoids near Irongate have been attacking travelers more often because they have been united under a single leader.
  • Evil farmers stalk the streets of Irongate at night, ripping out and eating the hearts of the unaccompanied.
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