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Unlike the castles around Crossroads Tavern, this castle has little agricultural production attached to it. The Lord Andelhelm founded this castle because he loves to fight orcs. The mountains surrounding the castle are filled with orc tribes.

Andelhelm has a band of anywhere from 20-120 knights at his castle at any one time, together with about half as many ladies, with a garrison of 30 crossbowmen and 30 or so servants. It's battle with orcs, jousts and banquets at the castle virtually all the time. Andlehelm welcomes as his guests any knight and his retinue who will ride forth and slay orcs, paying 5gp per orc head and all the roast beef one can eat to his temporary comrades. He won't pay strangers who show up with sacks of orc heads, only knights who ride forth with him.

Lord Andelhelm can afford this because he slew a dragon and seized its hoard. He also discovered 3 silver mines near the castle's location. Each of these mines is now being worked by miners (some dwarf, some gnome, some human) paying a tribute to the castle. There's a small farming village near the castle too, but most goods are imported.

STATUS: No material for adventure complete, but can be easily improvised.

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